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What they say about us

"Bagi Saya, Indonesia itu memiliki kekayaan alam Indoneisa tidak bisa dinilai dan orang Indonesia. Selalu ramah tamah dan siap membantu. Selain itu, seni dan budaya Indonesia tercermin dalam berbagai aspek kehidupan masyarakat di seluruh daerah di Indonesia. Setiap daerah punya ciri khas kebudayaan yang berbeda. Budaya wayang dan seni pedalangan yang bertahan dari masa ke masa. Wayang..."
- Galkina Galina
Student - Moscow University, Russia
"Travelling is the best way to meet new people, new culture, new country. I was lucky to have the greatest experience of my life in Indonesia, by meeting wonderful guide named Marshell, who made my trip extraordinary, unique and interesting. It is not easy to find a good guide, a guide who is gonna have your attention for the whole trip. He was surprising us with information and interest..."
- Maja Tisma
Serbian and live in Netherland
"Thank you Leisure Time Tour for providing us a memorable Bromo experience. Everything went smooth from the start of the tour to finish. Special thanks to our travel guide/companion Marshell for making everything extra special for us. The service you've provided is impeccable & is second to none. I highly recommend your company & services. See you again in our next Indonesian adventure!"
- Chris Barroga
Filipino and live in UK