By taking part in our tour program, please take into notice that you have agreed to follow our terms and conditions.

We are more than happy to provide you with the best tourist tour experience. We will not be held responsible for any disruption beyond our control, including unfriendly change of climates, natural or human caused disasters, demonstrations, any random crimes, any health and mental disorders, the damage of our or the travelers’ equipment, and any other situations that are beyond our control as a tour and travel agent.
We reserve the right to refuse admission or removal from the tour of any participant at our discretion without liability.

Payments made on the day of departure cannot be returned, with the exception of a force major such as natural disasters. Any cancellations must be notified by writing an email to leisuretime.system@gmail.com or administration email which is listed on our “contact” page. We will not be held responsible for the lateness and unpunctuality that are caused by the travellers.
Local cultures, practices and customs must be obeyed by travellers. Strictly no acts of criminals such as stealing or vandalisms from the places/venues that you visit. We will not be held responsible for the misbehavior of our travelers.
Throw your rubbish in the rubbish bins or in their proper place, and each traveler must bring a plastic bag as a means of container for you to throw your rubbish away in the case of the tourist place/venue management do not provide their visitors with any rubbish bins or any other places to throw away your rubbish.

We give useful warnings and any other information regarding your health and safety as a traveller. In order to help us doing so, each traveller has the responsibility to take care of your own health and safety. In doing adventure activities that involves adrenaline rush, each travellers must follow the instructions, directions and/or requirements given by the trainer and/or instructor from the visited tourist destination. We will not be held responsible for the loss or mistreatment of health and/or safety that are caused by the third parties or that are caused by the travellers themselves. We suggest you as the traveller to have an insurance when doing adventure activities that involve adrenaline rush. We also remind you to strictly follow the local customs, and may we remind you again as a traveller that it is also your duty to take care of your own health and safety issues.
All the photos that we produce are the copyrights and owned by Leisure Time Tour. Only photos can be taken from the venue, with permission from the owner of the place/venue. Do not take photos during special occasions, such as when a religious occasion is currently taking place.