FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Leisure Time Tour make a tour package that suits our demands?
Yes, of course! Leisure Time Tour will make a package that suits your demands and preference. Please see a variety of tourist destinations on our Gallery Website. You can suggest to Leisure Time Tour your destinations as a destination for your firm/company or to your groups/subsidiaries of your firm/company, as a religious tour destination, as an educational tour destination, or as a family tour destination.
What do we need to bring?
Leisure Time Tour will tell you a couple of information regarding your tourist destinations, itinerary and also the items that you need to bring during your trip. But also take a note that you may also want to take personal items with you, such as personal medicines.
What about if we have special needs such as if we are a vegetarian, if we need prayer times or if we have allergies?
Leisure Time Tour will take notes of your special needs and please help us by telling us if you have any special needs before your arrival so that it will help us to arrange your schedule and prepare for your trip.
What if we already ordered a Tour Package (either a preset Package Tour or a Customized Package Tour), but there are a few places or venues that we did not manage to visit, do we get our money back?
Leisure Time Tour will not return your money even though there are some places or venues that you did not visit, due to the conditions that are caused by the travellers themselves or conditions that are outside or beyond our responsibilities and/or capabilities.
What if our body’s physical strength is not fit enough to go on the trip?
Leisure Time Tour has arranged our schedules based on our experiences and not forgetting also paying attention of our travellers’ physical conditions. But travellers are advised to be aware and familiar with their own physical conditions and not forcing themselves to go on the trip if they are not fit enough, as this could have fatal causes for the physical conditions of the travellers themselves. Leisure Time Tour will do our best to give help and assistant towards travellers who need special attentions.
Are Leisure Time Tour will be held responsible for the loss and damage of our personal items/properties?
No, Leisure Time Tour will not be held responsible for the loss and/or damage of your items/properties. However, in the case of a loss of personal items/properties, Leisure Time Tour could give you help and assistant in finding your lost items and/or properties, and should your lost items/properties be found, they will be sent back to their rightful owners. And Leisure Time Tour will do our best to look after your personal items/properties so that they do not get damaged during the whole process of your trip/tour.