5 Candi on Malang (part 1)

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We have holiday in the middle may, 2015, even one day. Me and my friends, Syaiful (I call Shaifuru), Mr Trijaka, Rizky, Liliana and Marshel we hang out together. Where are we going? We exploration Candi’s in Malang

First, we visit Candi Singosari is located on North Malang, ± 10 km. We need 30-45 minutes to reach Candi Singosari, because traffic jamp.

We arrive in Candi Singosari at 9.30 AM. In the first, we found one area parks around 200x200 meters. There is small house ad it could be guard / ticketing place. Same lin with ticketing place, there a lot artifacts. In the corner is toilet. Turn the right, we saw many rocks and big tree.


Guard house with artefacts


I try exploring candi and a lot push to button camera. In every side of Candi, there is small room. Every small room should be a statue. But only one room, the rest Is empty.


in small room: Left there is statue, right is empty room


Oh…we meet one group discussion from Pandu Pusaka. They still discuss about candi. We chit chat for a while. I was take picture several about them. They are so warm and welcome with us. Fortunately, Mr Trijaka is one friend of them. It make easy for us. The situation can blend and there no gap between us as young generation and them


Forum Group discussion from Pandu Pusaka

By the way, I was missing my friends shaifuru and Rizky, where are they? Ah… they are in Candi Singosari. Selfie and taking a lot picture J As you know, Candi Singosari in the middle park.


Candi Singosari in the midle Park


Shaifuru in the small room and Rizky in front of Candi Singosari


From left to right: Mr Trijaka, shaifuru, Me, Liliana, Rizky


We continue to Sumber awan. But, we go to Arca Dwarapala as big guard statue for Guarding entrance Kingdom. There is two Arca Dwarapala but not same directions. One statue facing to north, and the other facing to east. This is homework for Archeology or historian. Why? Where exactly place of kingdom? South or west?


Arca Dwarapala facing north side


We continue to Candi Sumber Awan. Only 10 mins by car to reach parking area in Candi Sumberawan. We Surprise, No candi where is it? we saw field rice. We must follow the small river. Rizky surprise and said,” is it far way? How far we reach Candi Sumber Awan?” Marshel reply,” not far, around 500-800 meters” “is there type road like this in other Candi?” Rizky ask more. “Dont worry, only this candi have a road like this.” Marshel reply again. “Thanks God” answer Rizky.


Field rice


We meet kids and they fishing. They so happy. We cross the river and found small lake. We didn’t go to lake; we go to Candi and through small forest. I think, I look like in Japan with small forest.


Kids fishing in the river


mini forest

Mr Trijaka visits the guard house and fills the guest book. He still there and chit chat with the guard. We observer Candi Sumber Awan and take a shoot with my camera or Shaifuru Camera.


Rizky passing the guard house


In Candi Sumber Awan, we got magical situation. We saw Kendi (pitcher made in Indonesia with water inside) and flower in stone bowl. This is equipment to pray. When we close a Candi Sumber Awan, there is small bowl with incense (thin stick can burn).


Kendi and the flower

Rizky saw several kids go to the corner and they are yelling. “I think they swim” Rizky told us. “Can we go there?Hope can swim, but at least to saw them” ask Rizky. “Lets go there” I answer. But we can’t go and follow kids, because they have a shortcut. Through the fence and suddenly they already in other side. Oh kids…..

We want go back and continue our trip. Mr Trijaka told us,” according the guard, there is wellspring. One for healing and second is for make a wish to be a leader. We curious and it sound interesting.

“I was visit several times in Candi Sumber Awan, but never know for wellsprings”, said Mr Trijaka. We found it. There is small pond and the wellsprings. This place visited by official government like major. They believe with take a shower in this pond make them smoothie to be a leader or make them survive.


make a wish: to be leader someday


There small statue and what is that? The statue looks semar, one of actor in puppet show. Mr. Trijaka said that is true Semar and Semar is symbol for common poor society. What for Semar put in this room? We don’t know.


Semar statue


Oh there’s small sentence but with Javanese language. “MULAT SARIRA ANGRASA WANI” So we curious, what is that? the answer is have gut to introspection self.




We try to move other wellspring. The pond smaller than before but more flower. Ah... there is stone turtle. The water more fresh than before. Make a wish for your illness will gone.


Rizky take the water and beside him there stone turtle

Fresh and not yawning again hehehe…. We continue our trip. We use other directions to reach parking area. We still were tracking 10-15 minutes, but the road not path or narrow. We cross the small bamboo forest, small village. We stop in one place and marshell take the car.


go to parking area

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