Amazing Ijen and Bromo

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Im so bored with the routine work and need some refreshment. Lucky me, my friend Snitha want come to east java and she want invite her friend to come. Beside that, i contact erwin, my friend from my home town on Kediri. He decided join. Yeayyyy!!!

I want escape for two days and go to green area and also fresh. I contact leisuretimetour and they suggest me to Ijen and Bromo. Im currious with ijen crater and of course the fenomoenal Blue fire, so i take this chance.

My friend, Edwin already come early on Surabaya. After that, wWe pick up Snitha & Fatima on airport. Start around 9 pm, go to Ijen Crater. Sleep a while....

We arrive on Ijen (parking area) around 3.30 am. Start hiking to reach blue fire. The Guide said only 1 hour and 30 minutes to hiking but... We miss blue fiire coz the road always high and have high slope 45-60 degree and we trekking almost 5 hours.

We did it !!!


Ijen Crater


"Smug in everywhere, im lost but smile no 1"


Lets celebrate with india dance


Sulfur worker


Masker help us to breath


We decide to go down and reach the creater with this road. Yes, We can!!! and celebrate with dance made in India. Fatima try to take some water on crater and the smile so wierd, but we agree ijen crater so unique.

After that we go back and the road slipery we must becarefull. and We take photo seassion with our guides. So faster than we hiking up.


with our local guide


We continue our trips and We got bonus from our travel agency. We go to Green gulf. But before that....we transit on Rajegwesi beach. We surround the sea with traditional ship. They call jukung.


He said "welcome to Rajegwesi beach"


Snitha and The jukung


we ride of our jukung


After wet....wet... so wet.... because the wave little bit high than normal condition, we arrive on Green Bay. We feel like we found new place and no one else life on that place. we are enjoy for the leisure time. Try to take good photos, and say grateful Thanks to God for this beautiful beach.


Fatima contemplation


Snitha very happy with her camera


my friend edwin


Thats our jukung


kick without shadow and i was kick our jukung


lets picture together for our memory

We continues our journey to hotel. We so tired, sleepy. After arrive on hotel, we take a shower and clean up. Take a rest for a while. Our guide just call us to preparation for next destination. But before continue, we so hungry. We take dinner and great dinner. We choose the menu that we want. Because one of our friend muslim, our guide find the right menu for her. She can enjoy the dinner.

After energy is back, we go to BROMO.

We sleep in the car arround 5-6 hours and change vehicle. We use jeep – this standard and common vehicle – to bromo. We stop on bukit cinta, because the traffic jamp and cannot to higher place. We almost miss the sun rise, but we got it even so faster.


Snitha and Fatima on bukit cinta


we are on the batok mountain


Try to push land rover to move #justactionforphoto

After from bukit cinta, we goto Ranu pane. The road goes to Ranupane is wow... offroad and wachout for our head. The guide already give warning because inside of the car, we will like scramble egg, so must aware about that. Finally, we arrive in Ranu pane. We enjoy the lake and theres pura or Hindhu temple and they have a ceremony. We just see dont want distrub them, we must respect them.


Beautiful Flower on the lake


me and ranu pane lake


Snitha on Meditate




The pigeon couple on the roof


After that, we go back but in the middle way, we stop it and enjoy the savana from other side. We go down and find the real savana.


Savana taken from ongoing Ranu pane


Savana.... so green!!!


Snitha and Fatima on Savana


From savana, we go to whisper sand and take a picture.


We are charlie angels in action


Whisper sand. Hot and windy


It is my ride. How about you???

From Whisper sand, our tummy speak loudly. HUNGRY and we hunting for lunch. After that, we go back soon to Surabaya. Me and my friends so like it with service from Leisuretimetour. We enjoy and they give some suprise for us. Thank you.