Batu Bromo and Malang with my family

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1st DAY

My holiday now goes to Malang, Bromo and Batu. Me and Family picked up by our guide from Leisure Time Tour. We are run out of from schedule to arrive in Malang and when we touchdown, we hungry. From Airport, car directed go to Depot 93. There is variant menu which is make us easy to choose. Our guide suggest to try "Nasi ayam Suwir" as favorite in this Hut.

After lunch, this time for me to pay. Actually, i little bit worry for payment, i guess its expensive. Its wrong!!! FOod in Malang cheap, so me and my family now happy hehehe.... just imagine and compare in Jakarta, we will pay more hundreds thousands rupiah...

After our energy is back, we continue our trip to one of Museum in Malang there is Museum Malang Tempo Doeloe.... Welcomed by Mas Fuad. Our journey start with the origin Malang city. 

Malang become favorite hill for colonizer because Malang City surrounded by 6 mountains. We also explained about arkeology.... the next is starting history about Kingdom in Malang and also period for the reach independence day.



Malang surrounded by 6 Mountains


we learn more about archeology


Bos Gengster has been released from prison


The forth we invite to do city tour and also culinery from Malang which i never forget. We went to Hotel and take a break for a while and also clean up. after ward, we city tour at nite. Since i request spicy food, our guide showing one resto with spicy food in Malang. Pretty crowded and queue. The result, for me not so hot, although request spicy condiment.

2nd Day

At second day, me and my family went to silence place which is Pertapaan Karmel - Ngadireso. Not want to be hermit, but just want to know, how situation and condition on that place. well since the place is hermit, automatically only silence and serenity. so.... we only just see the garden and several building such as church/chapel. we just meet a few people there.


We pray for a while


Olin never forget to capture the camera


Next is continoue to Malang, but before reach Malang, we stop on CANDI JAGO. Pretty big and alot ornament on Candi Jago wall. around 10 minute, we explore Candi Jago and lets go to Malang. 

Arrive in Malang, we directly go to Bebek Sinjay on Malang. It is very hot, but thats i want. Better this Samba (Spicy condiment) than last nite we have.Lunch is finish, we go to COBAN RONDO. it is weekday and so lucky for us not crowded. Since dry seasson, the splash of water is low.


My parent


We very soon to stay on Coban Rondo, around 30 minute we there and we must visit to Museum Angkut. we enjoy in Museum Angkut. i thought is small, in fact is huge and alot chamber can be visited.


Which one my bicycle????


Dont Smoking!!!! remember mama message 


Sis, please satai 10 pcs


White teeth smile with King of the sea


So Sweet....

The last destination, when we go home to hotel, we visit Museum Topeng which is inside MUSEUM ANGKUT. there's alot collection about mask from alot place in Nusantara Indonesia. We also get explanation from our guide Local.

our tummy hungry, so we try another menu. We try Bakso. Malang wellknown with Bakso (Meetball). We got special meetball. Yummy and delicious for us... in our city, rarely we found like meetball malang.

After finish with meetball, we go to BNS (Batu Nite Spectaculer). Me and family has discussion while enter or not? we just see from outside and we decide not to entrance, and change our directions to hotel for recharge our energy.

3rd Day

At the beginning holiday, i was sad since my wife cant be join. Yet, in the almost last holiday, she decide go to Malang. Im so happy. me and my family decide to pick up my wife. after that, we have a breakfast Nasi Pecel Sempu. we are so voracious and my mom bring the rest of peyek on tissue, and she said for cracker in the car.... 

This trip continue to Museum Tubuh or wellknown as Museum Bagong. Little bit new this Museum since established on 2014. We visit this museum and we feel enterance our body. We visit all part and every part explained by officer each organs. Its good education for kids.


We are in the chamber of teeth


We listen about colour blind


It can be move


We watch movie fertilization

There one interesting from Museum tubuh is free checkup. it is helpfull for visitor to control their healthy. oh once more interest is Mummy part. in this room, we cant take a picture we just observation with calm.

From Museum Tubuh, we move to Eco Green Park.  THis theme park is highy favored childreen. alot and various animal (especially bird) in eco green park. ah...there educational games...  history trip also in this theme park. 


Thats my lady


Where is the animal???


Papa what he look????


my family


becareful son....


time to lunch

From Eco Green Park,the next is Catholic Church at Gembala Yang Baik - GYB batu. We so lucky can see the Yesus Kids statue which origin from Czech. Base on information that we read, only 3 place has Yesus Kids Statue. one of them is Indonesia and exactly in this church. We pray for a while in this church. 

We go back to hotel and near hotel there are hut for Tahu telor. hm... before dinner, we visit one place for shoping hand carry and we got it. After that, recharge our energy to preparation to Bromo. Around at 11 PM, we pickup and start go to Bromo.

4rd Day

Finally, we reach Bromo, not so many picture we take, but we have fast moving in BROMO


Black Blue White Yellow Black


The sky will brighter


The sun has reveal itself


Thats our shadow


After Bromo, we have a lunch. Good choices make us have good lunch. Also, we never forget to buy red onions and manggo. Once more, in our city, its expensive. Our luggage prety heavy, but its fun with family.

We must leave Probolinggo and goes to Surabaya, City of Hero. In Surabaya, we directly to House of Sampoerna, cigarette museum.


Printing Cigarette Box


one of corner in Sampoerna


Cigarette Vendor


My result as Cigarette Vendor


One of exhibition on Gallery Sampoerna


The sun will sleep, but before we go home with plane, we take dinner and my opinion this is the best one. Sambal is very hot, and unrealized so sweety.  very satisfy.

Satisfy Dinner makes happy and we must back to Jakarta. Bye bye Malang, Bromo, Batu and Surabaya.... See u soon.....