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Ali, thats my name. I love travelling to new place or go to somewhere have unique thing. I want go to Bromo for sunrise and go to Ijen crater for Blue fire. As I know, blue fire only on two places in the world. One in Iceland and the rest is Indonesia.

In the beginning, I predict around 4-6 friends join with me. But, it is wrong. The participant is double, 12 peoples and it happen one month before we go. In other hand, we are from various background activities. Automatically, we are not booking ticket departure for same schedule. That’s more complex for me.

I have a tide schedule and impossible for me to organize this trip. I need partner that can help me. Lucky me, I have friend which working in tourism field. I explain holiday go to Bromo and Ijen Crater. Also, I give update about the preparation.

I’m thank you for Leisure Time to organize for our trip. They listen for our needs. They also prepare everything and give the best for us. Hm… not forget, Leisure Time has good advice for our friends that never been in Bromo or Ijen.

We have meeting point in airport Surabaya, on Friday. One by one the delegates arrive in Surabaya. The last delegates is 11 pm. We use one long vehicle and directly to Bromo. This travel around 2 hours and at one point, we must change with Jeep Hardtop (FJ40). Only this vehicle allowed entrancing National Bromo Tengger Semeru Area. We start and continue with 2 Hardtops.

We come to Bromo on Saturday early morning. On that weekend, Bromo have many visitors. We can’t continue our trip to Penanjakan Station, place for see the sunrise. There is a lot Jeep stop and if we walk, the distance still ± 1-2 km dari Pos Penanjakan. At that time, the weather little bit cold and piercing the skin. But no worries, there is a way to see sunrise. Our Guide Leisure Time helps us to finding the good place.

The guide, finding the alternative place and suddenly he scream, “I bring “additional delegate”.” and through “additional delegate”, we got it. We can see sunrise on Bukit King Kong (King Kong Hill).      

Why called King Kong Hill? There is one story about visitors from France. He saw on big rock. We don’t know how France guy look that, He saw the big rock, look like King Kong. From that story, that place started called King Kong Hill.

We enjoy Bromo Sunrise. It’s very beautiful. The Sunrise process is unique and we enjoy that moment. We never forget to capture with our gadget and camera for that moment.



She is waiting the sunrise


Before sunrise


Sunrise will coming




Heading the sunrise


We are on King Kong Hill for long time and immediately go to Bukit Cinta (love Hill) on 7.30 am. We take a breakfast warm Bakso. Make warm our body. From Love Hill, we can see Mountain Batok and Mountain Semeru (highest mountain in Java). After that we go to Bromo crater.


Mia and Tya on Bukit Kingkong


Mt Batok and Mt Semeru (the highest)


Doing contemplation....


When start trip to see sunrise, everything so dark. But, the trip go down to Bromo Crater is open our eyes. The Route is spinning and sometime make dizzy for several people.

Our guide gives some attention to remember our license plate number and the color our Hardtop, otherwise we lost and wrong car. We just shaking our head, without understand why doing this.

We arrive in one parking area and we understand why our guide gives attention to us. We found dozens or hundreds Hardtop. Probably this is the biggest Hardtop community in the world. Our guide gives name that place parking Hardtop because majority and hundreds hardtop on that area.


HARDTOP on Parking area



Condition at the time is foggy, so bad. But not rain; it is very helping us to reach Bromo Crater.

From parking are, we must trekking 3 km on sea sand to Bromo. The alternative is rent horse and pays 100.k3 rupiah for return. Our guide suggests trekking than rent horse. Indeed, more fun with trekking than rent horse. In the middle trekking, we found the only one Pura (Place for Hindu people pray).


Hindu Temple

We divide 3 parts to reach Bromo Crater. First stage is easy trekking for everyone. Start from parking area goes to Pura and no barrier. Second stage, we through trail and cramped. This way have slope 10-25 up degree. The other challenges are horse. We got additional smell. The last part is challenges for everyone that never exercises. We must pass through 300 stairs to Crater. The good news there is small space which we can use to take a break.


Part 1. From parking goes to Hindhu Temple


Part 2. Goes to Bromo Crater


Part 3. +/- 300 ladder

Our trekking needs more and less 1 hour to reach crater. We succeed reach crater. Horray!!! We saw the Bromo crater and based information; Bromo has been exploding their material. We are so lucky when we visit, Bromo Mountain so friendly with us.


Pter Stejskal make this


With Edelweis seller


We must go down and back to our group. We continue to savana and well known as teletubies Hill. This time, the road terrain is hard and must offroad. We love it.


Me and Lara Croft

We arrive in savana. Dont know how, we do canoning like in choir. “Cool... magnificent, Beautiful…” We praise this beauty savanna and this masterpiece from God. Our friend, Ebin said, previously often go Bromo, but I never been here. Its cool……




Another SAVANA


what is this???

Quite to long we stay on savanna. We playing and we never forget to take a picture. We try to climb one savanna hill as we can and we did it. We take a rest and play for a while.


Prewed time....


Take a rest


See the sun


complete crew

Fore readers which want see bromo, please go Gallery Bromo

We very happy playing in savanna, but we must continue next destination there is Ijen. We pick up our friend Lya on bus station and we stop at one restaurant famous in that city.



Lunch time is very valuable for add our energy. While we are waiting food, our friends using that moment for pray. After finish for all, we continue go to next etape.

That’s quite long for our trip to Ijen, ± 4-6 hours again. Our guide suggests bringing supplies more. Why? Because at Ijen, very hard find worthy and delicious food. So we go to buy fried chicken in one restaurant in Bondowoso. We happy get worthy supplies and delicious food hehehehehe

From Bondowoso, we must through forest and damaged road. We feel like cookie dough inside car. But this is the nearest way for Blue Fire. This trips almost 1 hour. For make calm and happy, Ebin always give entertain for us with his joke and guessing game.

Finally, we arrive at one big area. There is a lot car and also Youngers tent on that place. We get out from our car. We stretching for a while because too long sit in the car. The air pretty cold and several friends smell sulfur.

We are dinner with fried chicken with rice and sausage and chili. This food is delicious and enough portions for us. The price is not expensive but also not cheap. Because at the time, the place crowded, we find good place. Smell of fried chicken invite kitties companies us dinner. Well, we must save our food for our energy.

After dinner, we prepare our supplies and tools for hiking. Our guide has been give information to bring mask, flashlight and water. It is important for us.

Tya company our guide and buy the ticket. They buy and bring local guide. We must bring and company with local guide for Blue Fire. Tya also tell us that foreigner is three. Who is that??

Finally I answer, “My face look like foreigner. Look like people from Middle East. Not often when somebody chat with me not in Bahasa Indonesia, but in English. Well, I answer in Javanese. my friends laughing heard that story.

Start for trekking at night. Around 25-50 meter, one of our friends can’t breathe. We stop for a while just make sure her condition is ok. Our guide asks is it possible with slowly trekking?

Our friends say she can’t and there is asthma history. She don’t want force her body and need take a rest enough. Her sister companies her. Local guide send them in good place (safety and warm). After that, with our local guide we continue our trekking go to ijen crater.

We got information who rarely exercises it is hard on ijen. We suggested taking exercises. Breathng is important and we must manage well done.

We try to make same rhythm. Around 750 meter, our group divided two. First is strong and have big step. The second is opposite group....

I join with first group. But the guides accompany our friends in second group. Slowly but sure we leave them... lucky thing, the guide with them. They not lost and feel left out.

Trekking at dark night, almost 2-3 hours. So tired for us. Information that we must exercise, manage our breathe and bring water, is correct and must. Few of our friends, thirsty and the breathe inconsistence. They must manage breathe and trekking slowly.

Slowly but sure, second group is catch up us. Yes We Can….Imitate Obama slogan hehehehe

Our guide stops in one point. The guide explain that we already in Ijen crater. We can’t see anything because very dark. Even darkness, we see blue light. That’s light of blue fire.




another Blue Fire

We see Blue Fire on high altitude. From far away, the fire looks fire from gas stove. Local guide explain who want go down and closely with blue fire, must strong breath and having proper shoes.

After we discuss, finally only few people go down and see closely with blue fire. I decided not join and waiting them. While waiting, we take picture together. We don’t care with the result, good or not.


taking picture on very the darkness

Around 1 hour, our friends already back. We heard their story. Its coolll… so bad we can’t see closely. But we must care with safety. Safety is number one.

Finally we go back to departure stage. We happy and trekking for go back is faster than go start. We say goodbye with local guide. We go to hotel in Banyuwangi. In hotel, we clean up and sleep well…zzzz…..

For the reader want know more ijen crater, please visit Galerry kawah ijen

At 10 Am we wake up and breakfast. We enjoy this holiday. When we go back, we got prize from Liesure Time. We go to Pulau Merah (Red Island).

Go to Pulau Merah little bit far away, but fun. Finally, We arrive on Pulau Merah. The beach at that time so crowded, but we can still enjoy it. We spread out for enjoying this beach.

14-3-31-Ali n the gank-Pulau Merah (CTya)  (28)-E.jpg



PULAU MERAH or Red Island


enjoy the beach with wavelet


We buy coconut. Suddently the weather is cloudy and rain. We take shelter for a while and because we still hungry we goes to street stall nearest and lunch. While the rain subsides, we lunch fried noodle.

We must go back to surabaya. The trip still far away. We decided go back soon and our tummy still hungry. We got it, spicy chicken, one menu favorite in Genteng, Banyuwangi. We eat.

Finally we go back to surabaya and no stop. We happy with this holiday. Ebin, our friend said..”We are totally exhausted but had total fun! ... and Many Thanks for That ... :)” We arrive in Surabaya at night and we say goodbye. Adios amigos.

Let me give my opinion and wanna share to reader and hope you will enjoy it.

“The people at Leisure Time are genuinely care about your traveling experience. Their services really shows that they are able to put themselves in the customers' shoes. We had a fantastic time traveling to 3 amazing places (Bromo, Ijen, and Pulau Merah) for a very affordable price. Thank you Leisure guys Rocks..!!!”