Coban Pelangi my vacation on Malang

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The Coban Pelangi, or Rainbow waterfall, is relatively close to Sumber Pitu so it is perfectly doable to visit both in one day. Pelangi is the most well-known one and you need to pay to get in - just Rp 7500, which is not even 1 dollar and it is totally worth it.


Nice road


It's is the mainstream waterfall, as it should because of its beauty. The way to get to the waterfall is pavemented, no dirt road, and you have plenty of places to stop, go to the toilet, eat, or just relax. Going down the hill, the view is breath taking - you are in the middle of the mountains and there is very little that can overcome that beauty!


we stop for a while


The road down is about 20/30 minutes, and you will cross a kind of unstable bridge, as I felt, that overpasses the river coming from the waterfall. In that stream of water, there were some teenagers having fun - the water is safe if you want to dive in.


unstable bridge


Very soon you start hearing a very strong and powerful noise of water hitting rocks. It is unlike anything I had ever heard! Then, after a few minutes, I not only saw it, I felt it. WOW, that is the way I would describe the feeling of seeing that waterfall. It is huge - 110m from top to bottom. The sound of the pounding of the water mixes with your heart beat, you feel the sound beating in your chest. And the moment you get there, you feel a slap of cold and fresh water sprinkles that can make your hair wet in just a few minutes.

Even though there was no rainbow, because it was already about 16h/17h, it was pretty impressive. The rainbow only appears in the morning, as the sun shines between the hills. We were there for a good time, apprecciating the moment and taking pictures.






we try again @ unstable bridge


Everytime I looked at it, I would get impressed, not only by the waterfall itself, but also because of the whole scenery around it - the greenest of the green, the nature was throbbing, pulsating in this place. And the sound of the waterfall was its heartbeat, beating in my chest, next to my own heart. After a while, you start getting cold. It starts getting inside your bones and I did not have the appropriate clothes for it, as the day was really hot. But in there, that does not count: it has its own ecosystem, with its own temperatures.

We started getting up as the sun was going down, and I wished I had more time to enjoy that waterfall. But it was time to go, the sun was telling us. Up the hill is pretty easy, maybe 40 minutes if you want to take it slow, as we did, to enjoy the sunsetting on the mountains. When we got to the car I felt that it is not everyday that we can witness so much natural beauty in just one day. God bless East Java's beauty.