Exaggerating as a Habit

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Malang, especially the people who lived there, have a lot of uniqueness. One of their uniqueness is the use of exaggerated expression words (hyperbola) every time they are communicating. For your information, this word frequently used when they want to show or say something 'very' so that other people are going to believe what they said. For example, currently whether in Malang is completely hot. The temperature can reach 32 Celsius degrees. In this condition, when you meet Malang people, they will say something like “wuiih, Malang puanase gak umum!” which means that the Malang’s temperature is unusual. 

Thus, when people in Malang adding “u” vocal in the middle of the word, it indicates that they feel extraordinary or “lebay” in Bahasa Indonesia. Honestly, I don't know the reason why people do that. Whether it was from their ancestors or they just spontaneously did that. I will give you another example. It happens when you are talking with your friend but you cannot listen clearly because your friend talks with low volume, Malang people will say “haduh sing buanter talah nek ngomong kon iku, aku gak krungu i loh?!?” (Use high intonation as usual) which means that you have to speak louder because I cannot hear you. Sometimes when we say something like that, it sounds like we are mad, but not. I am going to give you another example of this style. 

The situation is you are going to a new place which is far away from your home but because you forget about the route, you missed it. You want to tell your friends about it. Malang people will say: “he maeng aku lo buablas uadoh pol”. It is funny, right?. Now we will move to the last example exaggerating custom in Malang. This word is used to describe something too much such as “duhh he, kewaregen aku mari mangan sego padang uakeh rekk tapi uwenak sumpah aku gak goro”. It means that he stuffed because he ate delicious nasi padang which has a big portion. 

Malang is so unique. So, what are you waiting for?. Just grab your suitcase and come to Malang. Sooner be better. I will be happy to welcome you here. When you listen to a conversation between people in Malang, it might sound kinda funny because of their style when they speak. Sometimes the tone is rising up and sometimes the tone goes down. It depends on what topic they are talking about. If you are interested in Malang culture, do not waste your time just sit in there. I’m waiting for you guys.