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Day 3

On the third day, we headed to Coban Pelangi. We had to trek 1 km to get to the place. The place is clean enough for us. There’re some food stalls to buy some snack we needed. Once raining was coming, yet we still continued our journey to see Coban Pelangi.

Before we got into Coban Pelangi, we went to a rest area, Poncokusumo. It’s wide enough. There’re leeks around it. Happily, there’s nobody else than us so that we could easily take beautiful pictures there.



 Jump n screammm....


From the rest area we went to Coban Pelangi gate. We had to trek about 30 minutes to it. Voila! We finally saw Coban Pelangi. The water flows were quite strong, and then we had to be careful when we got closer to the waterfall. Besides, our guide already told us about the warnings before. We were only allowed to go to the prescribed places because the slippery way and the splashed water from the waterfall that can made our clothes wet.

We really hoped we could see the rainbow. But, unfortunately, the sun had not appeared. We didn’t forget to capture this special moment with our camera.


Hola we already in Coban Pelangi


finding the best shoot



 Coban Pelangi


 Rainbow Waterfall


From East Malang to West Malang, from the waterfalls to agro tourism, the rain was quite uneven. The weather was still drizzled when we arrived in agro tourism.

We bought the tickets and got some kind of vegetables. We followed the direction that the gradener given to apple orchard. There’re quite a lot apples on the tree, yet the gardener told and gave us an explanation about the apples which ready to harvest. Unfortunately, we could only get two apples to be brought home.

From the apple orchard, next we went to strawberry orchard. We also harvested some strawberries, cleaned and then tasted them. We also got extra snacks, sweet pancake.


apple garden


i want this strawberry


Got it Strawberyyyyy


Clean your hand & strawberry....


We continued heading to Java Park 2. We went to Secret Zoo and Wildlife Museum. Secret Zoo presents a lot of information about animals such as habitat of origin, food type, the average of longevity, and many more.

The animals we found there were not only from Indonesia, but also from other countries outside. This place is very good for kids to learn many kinds of animal. There’s also an animal show. You just need to find when and where the show is held.


Hello tiger lovely....


The next place we visited was Museum of Animals. We found various animals diorama displayed. Starting from animals such as Dinosaurs (Trex, Mamonth, etc), butterfly, penguin, bear, and many other animals presented. You can take some pictures here, as many as you want. But, watch your time! You might not realize how long you’ve been in this place.



Dragon fly family (up) & Butterfly family (down)



ABCD: Alligator Buaya Crocodile is Danger


Ms Celi learning something about animal. what animal that she learn???


The time showed it’s already 5 PM and we had to get out of the Animals Museum or the clerk will lock up us inside. We got out of it and wow! We saw very beautiful scenery of Arjuna Mountain. It’s very beautiful mountain. It’s time we had to get back to the hotel and took a rest early for our next trip to Bromo. The place we’re really looked forward to.



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