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Day 4

At 11.30 AM, we already picked up by our guide to go to the next place, Bromo Mountain. The trip to go to Bromo approximately took 3 hours to go. We had to change our vehicle with another one, Jeep. Its sufficient load is for 6 people only.

We’re actually a little bit worried about the weather. A couple days ago, Malang was always raining and almost in all part. This was also happened around Bromo. We’re worried we couldn’t see the sunrise. It would uselessly come to Bromo then. The sun will not shine as the weather was cloudy. However, the weather forecast said it was going to clear today. That’s really good news for us!

We arrived on Penanjakan at 3.30 AM, one of the favorite places to see the sunrise. It’s already crowded by people who want to see it too. It’s really cold till made our body freezing. Luckily, we already prepared thick jackets, gloves, winter hats so we’re not too freezing.


Waiting the sunrise


Our fotografer : how cute i am??? (Photo of Courtesy: Erlyna Abidasari)


Semeru mountain still blue.....


Horay..... sunrise is coming


oh edelweis....edelweis.... (Photo of Courtesy: Erlyna Abidasari)


Ladys................. (Photo of Courtesy: Erlyna Abidasari)



 Once we’re satisfied seeing the sunrise, we continued our journey to Batok Mountain. We took a lot of pictures in this place.


with batok mountain (Photo of Courtesy: Erlyna Abidasari)


Catch me if you can....... (Photo of Courtesy: Erlyna Abidasari)


After taking a lot of pictures there, we continued to the Bromo crater. We got out of the jeep and surprisingly saw a lot of jeeps parked there. We headed to the crater on foot about 1 km. We also saw a temple, where Hindu prayed. That’s the only one temple in Bromo. At a certain point, the journey was slightly uphill. You need a good stamina and strong enough passing through the way. You would see 200-300 stairs before getting to the Bromo crater.


Go to the crater.... (Photo of Courtesy: Erlyna Abidasari)


renting horse... (Photo of Courtesy: Erlyna Abidasari)


Along the way we went to the crater, there’re a lot of people renting their horse as the transportation to get to it. They offered different rental cost and you can make a bid to them. Besides you can enjoy riding the horse, you can also save your energy. On the other hand, the number of horses that are rented cause a lot of horse dung.






From Bromo crater, we continued to Savanna. We were amazed by the green hills there. It reminded us of kid’s series TV, Teletubies. We also didn’t forget to take pictures of it. We stayed for a while, recharging our energy.

Although the sun shone clearly and the weather was quite hot, we can still feel the cold surrounds the Teletubies Hill. As the result, we looked for something warm. We bought hot drinks such as coffee and tea around the hill.




coffee time


good horse :) (Photo of Courtesy: Erlyna Abidasari)

Around 12 at noon, we had to go back to Malang. We recharged our energy, eating some food in a Restaurant (Depot). We arrived in Malang around 5 PM. We also didn’t forget to buy some souvenirs for our family and relatives. After all the activities and trips we had, we must take a rest to catch our plane tomorrow morning in Surabaya. We had really a good sleep.

Our guide picked up us at 6 AM. We were a bit worried of the traffic jam, but happily it didn’t happen. We arrived on schedule and sadly had to say goodbye to our guide. I still had another meeting with my relatives in Kupang, while my two other friends backed to Jakarta.


Day 3