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This holiday we decide go to Malang and Batu. We are four peoples in one team; there are me and my husband, our princess lovely. The rest is my mother.

I get reference from my friend to contact leisure time tour. We more often to discussion about good place to visit before go to Malang. Leisuretime give some suggestion that we need. Some point plus and minus in every places explained very well, and expected for family holiday.

We arrive in train station Malang, delay 1 hour than schedule. We pick up by our guide and direct to street stall. We are already hungry. We find the typical food original from Malang. PECEL KAWI!!!! We go there. Unfortunately, the street stall is close. We go to the near street stall. We find it and the menu??? Still Pecel

After our energy is back, we continue our trip go to….. Museum Malang Tempo Doeloe!!! This Museum is educative and very informative about Malang City. I try introducing something for my child and she is still 5 years old.

In this first room, I try to introduce process excavations that always do anthropologist. I try explaining with simple language that can accept with her. In the next room, I found diorama about ascetic. He is Ken Arok, the famous King from Singosari. In this place, I found family tree about Ken Arok.



Antropology thing


Diaroma from Ken Arok

The next room is Statue from Kendeds with her husband, and several ornament like artifact, statues and celengan (piggy bank). Celengan is wild boar statue from clay / terracotta / ceramic that use for saving coin. If full, celengan can be broke to take the money.


Celengan (piggy bank)

Our guide explain that celengan not only use in several country. There is chicken, frog, or other shape, but common people always said that celengan.

Our guide explains; try to straighten about history Kendedes that few people know it. Everyone knows that Kendedes husband is Ken Arok. That’s true, but actually kendedes has first husband Tunggul Ametung, akuwu / Major of Tumapel.


Tunggul Ametung spy kendedes or my mom? hm???? watchout mom!!!

Tunggul Ametung interest with Kendedes Beauty and want married with her. Kendedes ask Tunggul Ametung waiting her father, Mpu Purwa which not in home. Tunggul Ametung can’t wait and have desire to married Kendedes. It sound, this forced marriage. Mpu Purwa go home and knew Kendedes is gone and already married, He angry. Mpu Purwa curse, who is married Kendedes because her beauty, he will die because her beauty.

After got explain from our guide in Museum Malang Tempo Doeloe, Mas Fuad, Eyang speak,” wah… im dispointed with Tunggul Ametung. I think he is nice guy”

Next is process making clay, ingredients and also with the equipment. Our daughter is future mom. I teach and introduce everything. Hm… some tools can use to showing practice / explain some process, let’s say grinder corn. If the modern era we use mixer, in old era, use grinder corn.


She learning to crush the corn / rice


Try using mixer old fashion


The next room is Major in Malang. After this room, is not good for kids that colonialism Japan. There’s full with jail, flag, and equipment of war. I try to explain the bad guy will banned and send to jail.


I try to explain why this man (beside me) go to the jail.


Now we are in jail. Good acting from my daughter


I already visit my daughter and grand daughter


Thx Mr First President, because you already release my grandchild.


Finally, we find the right and the best room for kids. There is class with class setting in 50-90’s era. In that class, there is chalk with the blackboard, big windows, map, and teacher statue. Also there mask origin from Malang and can paint. She very happy when color the mask.


Painting time


Finally we at the end of road, we found several toy jadul (old fashion) likes kites, congklak, puppet, mask and many more. She very happy play with mask and others. We already reach finish line. We want go to hotel, but cant chek in, too early.

The next route is Coban Pelangi (Rainbow Waterfall). Trip go Coban Pelangi is fun. We see many visitors is back from Semeru mountain. They want go home. We not go Semeru or Bromo, because the weather not friendly for us. We just visit Coban Pelangi. We pay entrance fee and start to trekking, suddenly is hard rain. We stop in Pendopo (building like pavilion / shelter) which many visitors stop for a while.

Our Guide ask to us, there still want see coban Pelangi or chek in? I choose Coban Pelangi to introduce waterfall to my daughter. She not know from book. But also, she can look the real waterfall, feel the fresh air, water and the situation near waterfall. Unfortunatelly, we facing hard rain in long time. So bad....

We decided to hotel because we can replace with other waterfall, there is Coban Rondo. We go hotel, but guide leisuretime tour has choose another route to see Candi Jago. My husband and mother wanna see Candi Jago. The gate still lock and no guard.

Me and my daughter in the car take a rest for collect our energy. When they come, my mom ask,”we can see the top, can we go there?”, He reply,”sure, you can go there and not afraid for highest problem. From the top, you can see Malang scenery.” My mom reply again,”So bad the gate still lock, if not, we can entrance to see the statue’s

We immideatelly go to hotel and take a rest. At afternoon, we ask our guide to accompany us go to Catholic Church Cor Jesu. After from church, we decided to city tour at nite. This city has a good landmark to sightseeing in noon. At night also good, there’s fountain with lighting, bench in park well organized.

After city tour at night, we go to hotel to recharge energy, our gadged & camera.



Second day, we direct go to Batu. Destination for today is Coban Rondo and Museum Angkut. Coban Rondo is the first time to get fresh & cool air. Meanwhile, Museum Angkut open in the middle day. For saving time, we visit Coban Rondo.   

We go to Batu, with spinning roads. Finally we get on gate Coban Rondo and pay entrance fee. After that, we were through pines and feel the air. The air is more cool and fresh than city. We must continue 3-5 km to reach Coban Rondo. The lucky thing, the car is allowed. If not, oh my God dragon.




In the parking area, we get surprise because many visitors whereas in the middle road is quite. Our guide, give us some warning. “Be careful when you bring the food / snack, because many lutung (black monkey) can steal your snack.” I’m so lucky, my husband working in WWF and knowing some animal character, including monkey. He explained that monkey interest with plastic bag with something inside.          

We entrance in Coban Rondo area. This waterfall has easy access and touristic. We just walk 5-10 mins, and we can see the waterfall. High and has heavy rainfall. The unique and characteristic from waterfall is always has a river. The river is clean. We enjoy Coban Rondo. Thanks God, this morning so bright and everything is clearly. After photo session with Coban Rondo, we play in the river stream. COOL!!!! Our lovely girl is very happy play in the river. We have leisure time to enjoy water and fresh air.               


The River so cold


capture for the monkey's


My husband gets big opportunity in Coban Rondo to take picture Monkey with black tale and gold tale. He still enjoy with his world. How about my lovely mother? Ah…my mother still has young spirit. She captures everything that she observer and meets then.


update status

After happy with Coban Rondo, we move to labyrinth and it is fun with this game. Well, there is tower to know the routes. My husband and mother try use tower as guiding. Meanwhile I accompany my little princess. We try follow the route and unexpected, the route little bit different that you see from tower. There’s routes cannot see from the tower, you know when you pass it on. Its FUN!!!!


confuse, which one the best direction?



From labyrinth, we look around. There is archer’s area, feeding the deer, Toga area (herbal plantation). We try archery area. There 5 arrows that we get. Our princess is joining for archery. From that place we move to playground. My mother, go to Toga, see several of herbs.


Prepare to archie...


my turn!!!


From Coban Rondo, we go to Museum Angkut. In this museum, we find various transportations. Like vehicle in land, airplane, boat everything in here. I think, the creator museum Angkut very creative.

Transportation starts from modern until old fashion. Also, you can find transportation for common people until transportation for war. We enjoy for this museum. Management museum divide several room with name of city in the world. Every part has theme. Very Educative and interesting.

Well, not only for transportation, but also museum Topeng. You can find various topeng Nusantara in this place. For people who love classic car, or motorcycle, spoor, boat, you must go this place. This theme park is very good to introduce transportation to our kids.


It's my car




Ssstt ...She learn about Train


Mom, Lets go home with our fishes


Your teeths dont look like shark. no worries mom


if you entrance, you must knok knok the door....


With her daddy...


I already send bad guy to the jail.


Museum Topeng from Nusantara


Today, we already visit two destinations. We back to hotel for take a rest. After fit our condition, we continue the next trip, there is BNS (Batu Nite Spectaculer). For the name, this theme park operates at the night and only in Batu. Trips go to BNS need more time, whereas only 5-10km. Stuck because traffic jam. Lucky for us, we go early and got nice parking area.

There are various games in this park. Carousel, bicycle in the air, kora-kora, cinema 4-5 dimension and many more. If you go to BNS, theme park favorite and must visit is theme park for lampion. Creative and unique.


We sing together




Daddy taking picture us

It always already at night, we must go back to hotel. Our body scream ask me to take a rest. Off course, our mobile and camera need to charge.


The third day we visit Museum Satwa and Secret Zoo. Through this theme park, we want introduce animal which live in land, air or water. The tight schedule in second day, make us more relax on third day. We go to at 9 from hotel.

We arrive on Secret Zoo and we meet with my cousin. But they have different route, so we can’t together with them. We buy the ticket and entrance. We see various animals. In this park, they introduce origin, habit; this animal is rare and protected? Need more conservation? Before we go, we think that this park will slum, dirty, and bad smell. That’s opinion not always true. We see theme park maintained very well.

My husband said, “in here, the animals very complete…. Not only from Indonesia and also they are in good condition.” That’s my husband, he more understand about this. He not forgets to use his weapon, his camera. 10-20 mins in the beginning, we just follow the stream and crowded visitors. After that, there is a lot choice that you can visit. Hm… little bit make confuse. But our guide already anticipate with give us map theme park. We can visit everywhere only just see the map.


He got best picture.


The real bear


The lions

Our guide little bit shock with my mom skill which can faster to walk. “Wow… very energy”. I add some opinion, “In her foot, there is roller skates, and make she walk very fast. Looks like is abnormal for her age. But this is consequences from her job as physiotherapy to make my mom always health and fit condition. If not, is embarrassment with her patient”.

We so tire walk around in this theme park. We decide to rent bicycle and the result is sold out. So walking is the final option. We have imagination this theme only for animal, but obviously not only that. There is playground for kids. We try to mingle when there flash mob with funny character cartoon.



Watching indian performance


may be someday she will be Pilot


With winnie the pooh and friends


with marsha and the bear


With mermaid

My daughter, her soul more interact with various cartoon. So slowly but sure, we teach her about animal from cartoon character. The reason is easier to absorb and accepted with her. She very enjoy with this way. Until one moment, she amazing with a big baboon which have red butt....hihihihih.....


Baboon. Where is the king baboon???

We want lunch in one food court and we realize, eyang aka my mother is gone. Our guide looking for my mom and takes time but finally we find her. My mom already shop chicken for our lunch. Well its double lunch. We decide that chicken to take away in hotel.

Before we go back hotel, we visit museum satwa. This theme park store several animals which already has been fossils or already preservation. Start from smallest (insects) until the biggest (dinosaurs). It is very educative in this theme park.


in Museum Satwa


The fourth day is the last day; we are in Malang and Batu. We want enjoy hotel facilities with swim. We already promise to our daughter that in hotel there is swimming pool. We enjoy our leisure time. My mother with our guide finding hand carries. She wants find Potato chips that very famous from Batu. Unfortunately, the shop still closes. It is too early. No worries, we can alternative way. We got it.!!!!

Happy with swim in hotel, we must check out to catch our train. We must go back to Jakarta. Hm… before we forget, we want find Apple chips. So lucky, we get it when the shops have limited stock. We buy in big quantity and got good packaging.

In the middle go to train station, I feel something missing. Where is my mobile?? Little bit screw up. My face suddenly changes to be different. We contact that mobile and silent and low bat. Well, forget it, the end of holiday my mobile is gone. No problem for me if my old mobile is gone, but the simcard is important. Try to contact hotel, there is leave in hotel? The answer is NO. We ask to recheck again. We got the same answer from hotel. NONE. That’s I feel so sad......


Finally we say Goodbye with Malang…


A few several days, my mobile already in my hand. That mobile is drop in near train station and already find by citizen Malang. Leisure time help us for deliver my mobile. I’m so happy with this holiday. Thanks for citizen Malang that give me back my mobile and thanks for Leisure time tour to make this family holiday is memorable....