Holiday with my family on Batu Malang

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Its time Holiday school. It is my turn to spare my time with my family. I was get recommendation from my wife family. Go to Malang, Batu, East Java. Good place for holiday family. Alot theme park education and history which give additional knowledge for childreen and also us. oh... remember to contact Leisure TIme Tour. They very helpful. Directly, i contact Leisure Time Tour (LTT).

We arrive in Malang and guide LTT has been in airport to pick up us. We hurry to find lunch. Special food from Malang and we delightful. yummy....

Next, we goes to Museum Malang Tempo Doeloe. at this place there are local guide explain about this museum. Through this museum, all of us  not only know about Malang city, but also nature, culture, art or history. Also, several thing in this museum, as parent, we reminsce our childhood.

Now, its very different with our childhood. So, we also explain about comparation between past era and this era. As a parent, we wish our kids know history.



We duplicate Ken Angrok style be imprisoned 


Key with mini bicycle


Kids distrub duty officer.


Pleased from MMTD, we directly go to hotel to clean up and recharge energy. oh... we get dinner from hotel. Something unexpected, but so fun.                 



on day 2, we only visit 3 theme park. We went to Museum Satwa & Secret Zoo. Guide LTT handle for ticketing and we got maps. Wow.... broad enough this place.

We entrance secret zoo first and giant mouse welcome us. In this place, Jo, take picture alots through their gadget. i teach him and give direction how to using the gadget to get best result.

also, NIco not forget to take picture he want. he doing so fast. Click here... overthere. The result? Only nico knows. He just imitate what Jo doing. 



Dad teach me how using gadget


Nico explain something to key


fabercastle bird


Key dont want to lose take picture with bird


Take picture with kiddos. 


What animal is this?


Kids on the sea 

We enjoy alot themepark in here. Kids so happy to play and learn alot from several animal. We also enjoy New Safari Train.  Hohoho.... It was experience that never forget. Gadget our guide almost ate by camel. 




We take to the road....


wow get carrot .... nice shot 


Camel smile


We continoue to museum satwa. so fun and good diorama. looks real!!!



Camel start to go


Tired... but let take a picture with polar bear........ 

at 4 clock, we finish 2 theme park. Before we next destination, we go back to hotel and take a rest.

We take dinner in one famous restourant in Batu. Delightful taste although we must waiting so long. After dinner, we went to BNS. Not alot we take picture in BNS, but we so fun. 


Taking picture with alien or Predator????


DAY 3 

Day 3, we wake up early morning to explore another theme park. we visit Museum Body or Museum Bagong. as their name. first door we entrance is Bagong mouth. In this museum, visitor will learn alot about human body. Start from five sense, organ body, neuron, blood, reproduction until muscle.  

In this place, alot props which can explain to visitor, what function this organ in our body. However, on reproduction area, we think its harddest part explain to kids. Lucky us, it can explain with short movie. 

There accident in Museum Tubuh. Local Guide explain that can consume instant noodle only twice for one sachet. if more, it is not good for body and danger. we give warning to our kids about this. " Well...since we visit this museum, quota for instant noodles automatic reduce"

In this museum, we got healthy check and it is free. there are check for eyes, cholestrol, uric acid, sugar level, height & weight. it is simple, yet make visitor aware with their healthy. and.... my eyes get cylinder. no wonder, i see sketchmark looks have 2 lines.



Entrance Museum Tubuh


Which one dominan Left brain or right brain???


Test your eyes for colours 


Jo listen how come nosebleed...


Study about skin ....


How tall am i???


We continue to Eco Green Park. Flamingo already welcome us. Moreever, we saw waste from electrionic stuff and makeover as a statue. entrance in bug area is next destination. There are alot variant for bug. They hide in save place.  


 Time to explore eco green park


 Make over waste to be elephant statue 


Learn about bug


the eggs hatch


Eco Green Park be known variant bird. For bird lover must come to theme park. Not only this, we visit wind chimny, earthquake, jungle train, rumah terbalik. everything that about nature will represent in here.


Water gun


 Waiting for train jungle


We hunt forest destroyer 


Angry birds


Rumah Terbalik

We take lunch on Foodcourt Eco Green Park. Afterwards we back to hotel. Kiddos insist to swim and we pay off. Finish with swim, we go to Museum Angkut. Since our holiday in fasting moment, not many visitors. So it will be privately. Although, we consume alot time at aeroplane for taking picture as a pilot. There afer, we walk little bit fast, because this museum will close early than normal condition.



Car of Presiden Ir.Sukarno


There a ghost!!! 


Daryl on action


I am Nico Pilot PIPER PA-38


Where is Soto, mr daryl???


Bad Boy 1


Bad Boy 2


I'm a victim



This day is the last day for our holiday. Pick apple in apple garden is activity in the morning. Apple garden is good place to introduce farming for our kids. the guard give short explanation about variant apple in this garden and which area we can pick apple.

Immidiately we hunt apple. Sweet, sour, apple red, green.... so fun this activity. There is good apple, i think best apple. We try to reach and pick, unfotunately we cant reach...... oh we never forget to bring handcarry apple chips and jackfruit chips.


Key savor apple


NICO harvest apple


 I enjoy apple & jack fruit chips 


From apple garden, we back to hotel take our bags and go to airport. May be need 1 hour from hotel to airport. During this time, we little bit sleepy. Is it because apple? or may be the weather is cold? we dont know, but some of us sleepy and kids has been sleep.

We goto airport with different route from first route. we did not realize, we already in airport and we must say goodbye with Malang city and Batu. say goodbye with guide LTT. Sayonara....