Lets go to Bromo, Kaibigan

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We are three people Christina, Marie and Dini come to Train station Malang Kota Baru at 4.00 noon. Leisuretime tour pick up us and we directly city tour on Malang.

We try culinary traditonal in Malang such as ice Moka, ice teler, and aice campur. Yummy... from gastronomy goes to culinary again, we continue goes to Depot Mie Yan. we soon is over, our tummy has been big smile. afterthat we goes to Probolinggo for clean up and recharge our energy.

at 1 clock in early morning, we start goes to Bromo and change with jeep. no one else, except us. may be just only 1 our follower. the situation still dark, not crowded visitors and cool air....   

dont know why and how, when Dini came out from Jeep, there sound krekkk.... oh we think there something error with Dini body, but Dini trouser's has been torn from towing Jeep. The Torn not to big, but if true, well its make trouble for Dini when she walking.  

We soon reach sunsrise place, penanjakan we choose for the best place to see sunrise. Checking first at that place and we are the FIrst.... Happy? defenitely. However, 10 minutes in outside we feel very cold. it is not good, lets go to hut for a while to make our body warm. hot tea and hot choclate and also banana fried is usefull to make warm our body. 


Christina will finished Banana fried with chilli


Ready go to Sunrise


Around 4 AM, we must go back penanjakan and choose the best spot to see sunrise. 5 minutes still ok, but how about if 1 hour? we fell cold and our finger frozen stiff. we must shake it without move from the best spot unless that can be stole by someone. need big effort :) 


Waiting the sunrise


The sunrise will come out


That's not my hand


Who are they???


Sunrise that we waiting has been rise slowly and have a sign horizon line. We so lucky, because the blue color is rarely come out.

We are three people still in one located, however marie is lost somewhere outhere... she like lost child, but she will comeback. FInaly we worried about Marie, where is that child? Dini found at other corner and she still selfie. Christina give Marie nickname as selfie Queen. Our Guide give suggestion for several place to see sunrise, bromo, dan Semeru (THe highest mountain in Java). We got it.



Selfie Queen


Bromo dan Semeru


We got Bromo and Semeru


Dini take action to capture society and mountain

we continue to Bukit Cinta and at there we found 2 couple bride which is prewedding foto. That why this hill have a name Love Hill. Around 10-15 minutes we in Love hill and continue goes to Bromo Crater. At that place, we take a breakfast to recharge our energy.


Prewedding on LOVE HILL


Time to Breakfast


Horse rider and the gank (courtesy photo: Dini)

After take breakfast, we must decided for trekking or rent horse. Dini and Christina choose trekking, while Marie choose rent a horse.


The horse and hardtop (courtesy photo: Dini)


Marie with her horse


We trekking to Bromo Crater.

We trekking untill temple, and we must climbing which is be passed by horse too... That situation, little bit hot and windy. Sand fly and horses make road dusty and crowded. it make throat problem and can be sick. Marie didnot bring mask, luckly her, our guide give her mask and make marie breath better.

Marie has been arrive in horse area and still waiting at there. We continue trekking with the condition not friendly for us. However, in the middle, Dini tired and we stop for a while to make sure Dini manage her energy. we continue with slowly trekking. until Dini decided to stop to take a rest in one hut to recovery her body. 

Christina and our guide meet marie at horse area. Marie saw hundreds stairs and little bit worried, is it possible or not to reaach the crater. Our guide give solution, if we tired, we can stop in several box /area that build for manage energy and breath. 

Christina not forget to count the stairs. it might be, Christina strategy not tired and still focus on climb the stairs. The result??? Voila.. Christina and Marie success to see Bromo Crater. Marie ask Christina, how many stairs??? 245 stairs. we just 15-30 minutes on Crater Bromo. The smile of sulfur little bit strong and make me must go back to parking area.


How many stairs???


Christina Capture Bromo crater


We directly goes to hut for finding Dini. She is gone!!!! we little bit worried with her self because Dini must recovery soon. OK, positive thinking, may be Dini tak a rest on jeep. We found Dini on Jeep, she recovery.... We move on goes to Savana. We worried for the situation is not pretty. we arrive on Savana, and pretty good green with yellowish.... we goes somewhere place to see more pretty. Lucky for us, we got teletubbies which can enjoy without anyone else except ony us on that place. 



Dini smile


There is no else beside us



We takes long time in Savana. Around 11 AM, we must go down and go back to Malang.

But before go home, we visit one place... whisper sand...


Whisper sand (courtesy photo: Dini)


I believe i can fly (courtesy photo: marie)


Let me try to be model whisper sand...(courtesy photo: marie)


In the middle go back in malang, we take a lunch to recharge our tummy. we arrive on Malang around 2.00 PM and we go directly goes to Candi Singosari. quite large and spacious. After that we goes to Malang train station Kota Baru. That time to say goodbye with Bromo, Malang and Leisure Time tour.