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Malang people have much uniqueness. They have a habit to use high intonation and add affix words every time they ask a question. If you live in Malang for several days or months, you will feel the sensation. When they start to ask a question, they tend to use a high tone even though the distance is not far. For your information, Malang people always add ‘A’ words in the last sentence as a symbolization of asking questions. Let me give you some examples, you and your friends are standing only one meter away and then suddenly your friend asks you a question like this, “He kon wes sarapan a?” (Use high intonation), which means “Have you done your breakfast?”. Move to another example, “He yoopo rek, tugasmu wes mari a?” if you hear a Malang people said this question, it has a meaning “have you finished your task?”. I understand maybe some of you are still wondering how come it happened, but it is okay, I will give you last example. Imagine that the situation is in the market, “lek, mosok lombok seprapat saiki Rp15.000, gak oleh kurang a?” means that “The chili pepper is very expensive, can't it be less?”. There are many more examples that I cannot tell you one by one. C’mon just come to Malang and I will invite you to walk around in Malang city.

That was the fact and actually, I don't know why Malang people always speak using high intonation in every condition. I mean, they use high tone in every aspect such as when they ask a question, when they are bargaining in the market, or when they are talking to each other. Maybe when you arrived in Malang for the first time and you see people talk loudly everywhere, you will assume that we are angry but not. Malang people always said that “nek gak berok-berok gak lego". Berok-berok in Javanese has a similar meaning to the shout. So, the meaning of “nek gak berok-berok gak lego” is 'if you are not screaming, you will not be relieved'. That is how Malang people communicate with each other, so do I. I enjoy 'berok-berok' because my friend will give me respond fastly. For the readers, you should visit Malang as soon as possible if you are curious about Malang's real life. Without thinking twice, let’s come to Malang and I challenge you to get the sensation. If you courious with this you also can visit Malang or you can visit this link