Mataram Genk visit Bromo

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We are from Mataram and we want go to Bromo. We get clue to contact Leisure Time Tour. They pick up us at our hotel. around 2 hours that trip goes to Probolinggo and we arrive in Bromo next several hours. Little bit Cool at Penanjakan Bromo. Before to see sunrise, we enjoy hot or warm drink.... hm....without not further story, lets see the picture


150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (3)-E.JPG

Waiting the Sunrise with Mataram Genk


The sun will rise soon

150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (18)-E.JPG

The sun on my hand


although crowded, still exist to take picture


Lets Take picture again....

150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (14)-E.JPG

Semeru on behind us loh...

150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (21)-E.JPG

i see the sun and thanks for your shine 


150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (25)-E.JPG

while a deserted road, lets take picture.....


Kami pun melanjutkan perjalanan ke Bukit Cinta

150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (28)-E.JPG

on bukit Cinta

150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (29)-E.JPG

Jurus Cinta.....

150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (36)-E.JPG

Eike also dont want miss take picture on Bukit cinta

150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (37)-E.JPG

i'll keep bromo very well

150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (35)-E.JPG

Bromo crater, Batok, Semeru and clear skies 

150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (45)-E.JPG

The Queen and the choose horse are ready

150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (46)-E.JPG

ready to riding.....

150918-HanaLombok-Bromo (42)-E.JPG

Teeth Shining Smile 


We ride to Bromo Crater, and after that goes to Savana Teletubies Hill. oh... before we go back to Malang, we transit on Whisper Sand.... in several places, we forget to take picture coz low battery and we so enjoy explore Bromo and around.

We hang out on Bromo and it is pretty long, we must back but our tummy makes choir.... hungry hungry.... our guide find restourant and the food so yummy. since our tummy has big smile we continou our trip goes to malang visit our relative and back to hotel 

Our Trip and holiday on Bromo is fun. Thanks to introduce with Leisure Time Tour.