OUR TRIP (M. Angkut goes to Bromo)

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We are a group of workers who tired with routine and life problem we have and then started to decide a holiday. Two of my friends are from Jakarta. We gathered and started a trip with Leisure Time for our holiday in Malang. We started the trip at 6.30 AM in the early morning to avoid the traffic jam because it was weekend.

As we arrived in Malang, our stomach was screaming and calling for food. We were so hungry till we directly went to a restaurant (we called it as Depot). When we arrived in the restaurant it was so crowded, so we decided to move to another place, Pecel. Our guide told to the Pecel seller to give us big portion of rice because we’re so hungry and needed more energy for our trip to Coban Tretes / Grojogan Sewu (Coban Tretes Waterfall).

Coban Tretes is quite far away from Malang city. We could find the atmosphere of village and feel the fresh air there. We had to cross the purple bridge which was still under construction. Yet, we still continued the journey across it. It’s so adventuring. After crossing the bridge, we passed by many kinds of farm field like cabbage and chili through the way to the waterfall.



Me and Sapto


Entrance the purple bridge on the edge bridge


on Grojogan Sewu


Go back....

We continued our journey to Museum Angkut. Voilaa! It was really crowded. People already waited in a long queue ticketing. Our guide from Leisure Time found a way to help us getting the tickets easily without lining in a long queue.



i love this miniatur!!


i m Senna


 Me and Sapto in DODGE DEPOT HACK 1924-3500(cc)


start to delivery!!!


Bakpao sir.....


me and my friend


its sound somewhere outthere....


We continue and find like this... 


Our scooter.....Broom...broom.... 

The last, that every people say "cool" because this car


We did not realize that we had spent looking around in Museum Angkut for two hours. We had to continue our next journey. The next stop, we had a tea time for a break and enjoy ketan as the snack.

Before all our trips, we already asked to Leisure Time to give us time for praying. They arranged it well, so that we could have a break for a while to pray.

After praying, our stomach was calling for food. Despite, one of my friends was still full of Pecel. Our guide took us to a meatball street stall near a railway. “It’s really a good time, we can see trains passed through the railway while we are enjoying the meatball.” said Alvin.

The meatballs already in our tummy, and it’s time to have a break to get ready for the next trip. We stayed for a while to clean up and prepare everything for the next journey in a guesthouse in Malang. At 11.30 pm, our guide picked us up to go to Bromo. It took approximately 2 hours to go to Bromo. At one point, we had to change our vehicle with jeep. Jeep is the only one and the best vehicle to climb the rocky and sandy road along the way to Bromo.

The situation was suburban, quite dark, yet the driver could still drive the jeep well and not in a rush too. The driver told us that 2 – 3 days before was raining. But that time, we were so lucky, the rain wasn’t come so that we can see the sun rise from the mountain. What a great time!

At the moment, we went through a place where there was only sand on appearance. We were quite worried of losing the direction because there’s no green sign showed the way through it. The driver was really good, he already knew where the way we should go through it. Sometimes the jeep was running uphill beside its road has a side of ravine. It must need a good skill to drive on.

It was still at 3.30 am and we had enough time and options to choose the best place for enjoying the sun rise. We thought we had found the place when we were in Penanjakan I. But, as we arrived there, we saw many jeeps in a line. The guide decided to change to another place, Bukit Kingkong. The new place was less visitors and there were many options to choose the best one to enjoy the sun rise moment.

Our guide’s prediction was accurate. We had a good place to enjoy the moment, although it’s already reserved by 40-50 people. It was bad. Otherwise, our guide still could find the best place for us to enjoy the sun rise. It’s really worth it, though we need to trek first.


The Sun Rise                                                                      


Sapto with his camera and waiting the sun rise

141108-BROMO-CSAA%20(5)-E.jpg cool...


Mountain batok with bromo crater and Semeru (the highest)

“The sun is rising so funny. In the beginning it shines shyly then rises up slowly. It’s so funny.” I said. While enjoying the sunrise, we saw beautiful scenery. Our guide told us about several unexpected place we didn’t know before. “You can see over there that looks like a small river. It’s a dessert! We passed through it last night. Did you realize it?” He said. We’re surprised and nodded as we just agreed what he has said. “The mountain that is wavy is Batok Mountain. At the back of Batok Mountain, there is Semeru Mountain. It’s the highest mountain in Java. Then, in the middle of the dessert, there’s something looks like a box is a Pura (A hindu’s temple for praying) in Bromo.” He added. “Are we going there?” asked one of my friends. He said yes, we should go there when we have a trip to Bromo crater.

We must continue to go to Ranu Pane. Before that, Ana and I need to go to toilet. We waited almost an hour in a queue. What a relief when we finally got the turn!


we are in line go to toilet.


It took two hours to go to Ranu Pane. We must through a rocky road to go there. As we arrived there we found a food stand so we ate first because we’re so hungry. After had our breakfast, we went to the favorite place of climbers,event only the gate.


Field of Potato & Leek

From that place, we went back to Ranu Pane lake. It’s a good lake with yellow water. The guide told us if there’s someone asks you where it is, please answer and tell them that you are in Yellow River, Huang Ho, China.



On Ranu Pane Lake (or Yellow River???)


From the Yellow River, oops, I meant Ranu Pane lake, we went to Teletubis Hill. Our guide explained that this hill named from kids movie Teletubis where the scene was located in Green Hill.

We had a nice place to record all the beautiful views and moment. We didn’t hesitate to take as many as pictures we wanted. A beautiful scenery in Bromo that’s not less than when we go abroad to see such as this scenery. “I feel like I was in a place where Lord of The Ring movie scene took place.” said Alvin. Alvin got an opportunity to take a picture with the horse. He was really happy. We also did not forget to take a picture with our lovely jeep.



Take a break on Hardtop


 My ghost rider


We feel on Lord of The Ring movie scene


From the Teletubis hill, we continued to Bromo crater. We were so tired and powerless. We just walked until Pura and stopped near the street stall. Yet, Alvin still continued to go to crater companied by our guide. He succeeded reaching to the crater. We’re so proud of him!


Before Start on Bromo Crater


Bromo Bagus!!!


On Bromo Crater with the sulfur

Time has shown to 1 PM and it was cloudy. We must go back to Surabaya. We also changed back from jeep to car. Before continuing the journey, we cleaned up ourselves, removed the dust out of our shoes. I got sun burn and it cleared enough to see that my skin changed into reddish. After cleaning up, our stomach was calling for food which is a sign for us to have meal. We’re so hungry!

Our guide took us to a famous and the oldest restaurant in Probolinggo. It had many menus to choose but we just directly asked the favorite one and then ordered it. The energy was back and we’re ready to go back to Surabaya. It was so surprising because our guide showed us an unexpected short way to avoid the traffic jam, so that we could go home earlier.


Thanks from: Caroline and Sapto, Alvin and Ana.