Retrace Elfrink Family History (Arrival Part)

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We are 4 people coming to Juanda International airport on Sunday. We have been awaited by Aditya and Marshell as our guide.

Based on itinerary, we supposed to go to Pasuruan, and the fact we go to Mojokerto through highway. Unpredictable planning, but so interesting for us.  During the highway, majority are factory, rice field and sugarcane plantation.

Our First stop is train station on Bhayangkara Street. Aditya buy a ticket. Now, with Marshell, we take around on Mojokerto City. 5 mins later, voila, we find a Gatoel Hospital. For us, something special on there. We will explore on this hospital since Marshell has appointment with them.

We still keep going to city tour. We visit one place. Looks little bit familiar with us. Marshell say some keywords. “Big Windows and Big Door”. Ah… that’s SMP 2 Mojokerto, the school for father, aunty and uncle. We will explore also.

We continue to Suikerfabriken Bangsal (SF Bangsal). We can’t find that Sugar plantation, since SF Bangsal has been demolished and rebuild again as SPN (Sekolah Polisi Negara). Our guide give suggestion, “We can’t entrance that place, and we just look the inside from outside area”.

Oh….. It was bad news when we arrive at Surabaya. There are blast bomb on 3 church at Surabaya. So sad…. We can’t enjoy long time for observation ex - SF Bangsal. We know & understand about the issues. On the other side, our family, college contact us and asking about our conditions. We just say, we are save and far away from Surabaya. Notes Suikerfabriken (dutch) = Sugar plantation.

We got good news also from our guide. They show us for ex-railway station on Bangsal. Aditya give explanation very well, because he is a train man.

After finish with Mojokerto, we move to Pasuruan City and take 2 hours to reach. The next stop is Morbeck Hotel.

On location ex-Morbeck hotel, we realize, why Marshell little bit confuse for Morbeck hotel. There is 2 house and looks like a Morbeck Hotel. Which one is the perfect one? Nobody knows. One house is Furniture Company and the other side is PERGU office.  We always guessing who the perfect one that match with our data. Like a kids, we got puzzle and try solve the problem. That we do, just capture and record than ask with our relatives

After all, we have to recharge our stomach. We go to dinner. Our guide choose one of restaurant based our request. We want try Indonesian Food and we love to try. Also, we want try Chinese food. It’s perfect. Good day Mike, and we must go to the hotel.

Our hotel located near with central park. For us, choose hotel in central park is smart idea. We will know current situation about local people, market, and tradition. Near central park, there are shopping center. That’s excellent for lady to give them time for shopping.


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