Retrace Elfrink History : Part III on Bromo

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Two days in east java it is amazing for us. We can retrace our Ancestry in several city. We realize some of them is changing, but its ok for us. What’s next??? We go to Bromo for Fun!!!

We reach our homestay. Nice homestay. We choose second level and the roof made by woods.  Oh the boys can’t stop talking, just guess, why? Even Richards agree can’t stop to talking. Because of there are 2 dirt bikes. Leisure Time our and their partner has been prepare dirt bikes. Good Job and Well done.

Around 3 am we wake up. Me, Erin, Marshell, using Hardtop. Meanwhile, David & Richard already ride their motor cross. They are so happy. It’s your time boys…. 



On Bromo, we see the sunrise. But little bit misty. Erin, Richard, David buy scarf and some shirt. It’s souvenir for their family. Also, we go to Savana. On there, Richard meet with 2-5 children. He love them and he talk with bahasa, just for practice and make perfect. For more photos about Bromo Mountain click here.





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