Retrace Elfrink History : Part IV on Blitar

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On the 4th day, supposed to be we go to beach. Yet, after discuss with the kids, Graham change go to Blitar. We have aim in Blitar related with Soekarno, First President Indonesia. It’s not related with retrace our ancestry, for a while. For more photos click here.




“We use not normal rout. Why? Saving time and avoid traffic jammed.” Explain Marshell. He add again, “This is new for me, but we can follow the green sign. Otherwise, we can ask the local people when we get lost”. We agree that

The road looks good the first time. Little bit spinning and we can see sawah / field rice and it is interesting for us. “hey…Look waterfall” said Richard. Marshell make slow down the car and we can see waterfall. Not so high, however the waterfall having torrent. It’s beautiful. Graham add again “Can you imagine, there a small river, small field rice and mini waterfall with good curtain of water.”

On the second section, we pass on forest. Little bit off road and bumpy. Until in one junction, we get lost. No GPS and no green sign. So, marshell ask the direction and we go back to the track.

On third section, we back to normal road and already in Blitar city. We directly go to Istana Gebang. Why not cemetery first? We don’t know, however we know our guide give best serve.

Rain welcomes us on Istana Gerbang. Marshell Prepare ticket, umbrella and actually not need umbrella. Since the car entrance the main hall so no need it.

Yulita, guide on Istana Gebang welcomes us. We start with living room. Yulita explain about Soekarno life. Such as his parents, childhood, school, family and also his wife’s.

Next room is family room. On family room, there is family picture, Picture of Soekarno finger on his speech. Oh there is Kendedes picture. What else? Near family rooms, there several bed rooms. We see bed, nightstand, wardrobe and everything on classic model. It is unique. Next destination, we find several rooms. Such as kitchen, dining rooms, old bathroom and garage. On garage we find old car.

 “In this place, explain soekarno history, and I love it. I think is enough in Blitar. We can come back to Malang.” Said graham. However, Marshell still deliver us to Museum, Library and graver of Soekarno. Marshell little bit get lost since using new route to avoid roadwork. He did it and w arrive on Museum and Library. We entrance and see what we can see. For more photos about Istana Gebang click here.




Before us leaving Blitar, we take brunch on restaurant. We try Indonesian Food. White, reddish and black soup. White soup they call soto. Reddish soup is cap go meh and the black one is Rawon.

We leaving Blitar around 3 pm and e surprise about something. Although, we can’t entrance on Sugar Factory, we can take picture with Locomotive no 7 on Kebun Agung Suikerfabriken. Also, we see the part of production process on sugar mill. For more photos click here.


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