Retrace Elfrink History : Part Second Day

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At second day, we are live on Pasuruan City. Now, we go to church!!! We find 2 old churches. The First church near junction. It is The Antonius St Padua Church which is Catholic Rome. Establish on July 28, 1895. On the other side, second church is GPIB PNIEL, Nov 15, 1829.

We go there with one mission not join / follow mass. We try to retrace our ancestry Elfrink based our data. First of all, we never know about their religion and neither have they had religion nor they don’t have. Second we have data marriage certificate about our grandpa & grandma. Unfortunately, we don’t know where they marriage? The big possibility is Pasuruan City. That’s why we try to retrace Elfrink History through our data & current condition.

After finish with all the church has been visited, we try go back to Morbeck Hotel. Now, based information, Morbeck hotel change to be PERGU – as known as Koperasi Guru (Cooperation for Teacher).

We entrance the old building and welcome by one of officers. We explain for our aims and asking about photo. Sadly, they lost information for several generations especially for history of building PERGU. Even tough, there information that we get it from the photo. “From this picture, probably looks like Building for House of The Representatives. It is indicated by some pillar. At that time, some building have a pillar. However, if location the hotel in this street, big possibility is House of The Representatives.

From PERGU office, we move to other house which is Furniture Company. We meet the owner and our guide give some introduction for our aims. The result, still question mark for us. They don’t know detail the history of building which they have. Yet, they give some clue and show House of The Representatives.

It so interesting and excited to solve this mystery. We have some conclusion. PERGU office its main office hotel. The other building either Furniture company house or House of The Representatives, both they are the rooms / house / cottage / villa.

After retrace with Morbeck hotel & Churches, we continue to Sugar Research Institution or P3GI. We believe Lambert Elfrink has been there and do something. The goal is find some prove he exist ora has been there. It’s time for break and lunch when we arrive at Sugar Research Institution. What we can do, waiting??? Just do like Indonesian, having break time, finding coffee shop, re-planning again, and relax for a while.

We go back to P3GI, and we wait little bit longer to get the right person. Why? Although our guide have appointment, there are milling season. Some staff have a duty on several city. Further moreover, find the right person which know the history Sugar Research Institution.

Finally, we got Mr Aris Lukito. He giving hand for us and it’s worth it. Mr Aris Lukito explain to us. At long time ago, in Sugar industry, there are two peoples important. First is researcher with main job research plant on the field. Second is Administrator for factory with focus on inside managerial, production on factory field. Which one Lambert Elfrink is involve?

We also visit a small museum Sugar. We get picture Director or the important people at that time. Its mix between Dutch, Japanese and last Indonesian. We try figure out Elfrink picture and it is not work.

Marshell give some suggestion, If Lambert Elfrink is researcher, go to the university which have a researcher about sugar research. Usually they have a strong bond / networking among researcher. The other good opinion from Richard, find the right person on that picture with the same year Lambert entrance / join / involve. And we get one person.

Since Aditya can’t join together with us, Aditya text Marshell to find one book. The title is “Archief voor de Suikerfabrieken van Nederlands Oost Indie”. We go to Library and we focus finding that book. Wow…. There are 10 series and may be can more than 10 series. We must to resize of the year which L. Elfrink involve on P3GI. Almost 10 minutes we give up, until David / Richard get special book.

Horay, we find name of Lambert Elfrink state on that book. Hold on, we find on other book with title, “Verslagen Adviseurs Vergaderingaen 1930”. Retrace our ancestry and we are so glad to know what Lambert has been done. Bravo!!! Oh… moreover, we take a picture with Mr Aris Lukito just for evidence for our grandchildren that we have been on P3GI. For more photos about P3GI click here.


We leave Pasuruan City around 4 Pm and goes to other city. Probolinggo!!! We go to Bentar beach for killing time. So Lucky, the beach not so crowded visitor. Also, there area for mangrove.

Its take 1 hour in Bentar, afterwards straight go to dinner. Nice atmosphere & good food. We unexpected this, with positive side. At nice restaurant, you will find Bonsai a lot.

For more photos about Bentar Beach click here.



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