Retrace Elfrink History: Part VI on School and Gatoel

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On 6th day, Friday, we back on the track, retrace our ancestry, Lambert Elfrink and Henrietta O Morbeck. Now. We move from Malang to Mojokerto.

However, we visit one temple again. Singosari Temple. Located on North Malang. It is perfect to visit before leaving malang. For more photos about Singosari Temple click here.



Today we have appointment with one teacher on SMPN 2 Mojokerto on 10 Am. We little bit worried to late because traffic jam. Because of that, marshell give information to the school cant on time for our arrival.

We meet and welcomes with the teacher, Mrs Handar Pratiwi. Graham so happy can visit the school. Mrs Handar Pratiwi company us to roadshow the school. The old building with high windows & doors. Oh… one thing, there are original and also heavy. For more photos about SMP 2 Mojokerto click here.



We taking picture a lot on SMP 2 Mojokerto. Around 45 minutes, we are on the school. We leaving to Gatoel Hospital. Since today is Friday and time to pray for Moslem people, Marshell do some maneuver to killing time. We can’t go to hospital directly. We move to Catholic Church St Joseph on Mojokerto city.

Briefly history about this church, establish on 1916, by Dutch people and they lost the record of history, who is they are. The other information around 2000, the church get attack from terrorist bombing.

With visit Catholic Church, we have several aim. History church, marriage certificate Lambert & Henrietta, and also some information related with our ancestry. We hope they have good information. Unfortunately, we don’t get good enough result. Otherwise, we meet Komodo, and now, Erin understand how big they are and also dangerous. On Catholic Church, we don’t get result expected, at least we try to collect pieces.

During trip between church and hospital, marshell explain current update about Gatoel Hospital. Gatoel Hospital established by Dutch People, Mr Eschauzier. And he is owner Gempolkrep Suikerfabriken. Now, after several war to reach our independence, Gatoel divided two big building. One still manage by Gatoel Hospital. Second, already manage by military since they need hospital to recovery / give medic to their army. The second is famous with DKT hospital.

“IC...For Eschauzier its true. He is boss from Lambert.” said graham. “What goal actually that you want achieve on Gatoel Hospital?” ask Marshell to Graham. “According to Dutch newspaper, I believe Lambert do something in Gatoel Hospital. There something memoir to see such as plaque, photo or may be video.” Graham explain. “Allright mike …. Lets ask Gatoel Hospital staff. Hope they have something that you find” Marshell reply.

Yulia Astuti welcomes us on Gatoel Hospital. Marshell explain to them and we got bad news. They get lost data on 2004 since big flood on Mojokerto. all photos, document about history Gatoel Hospital gone. So sad…

Yulia Astuti tell us, wait few minute if you want share photos / story, because we have right person to know history. Mr Yuhan, he is good one for history Mojokerto. While waiting historian man, we also visit DKT hospital. Just Few old building that we find. We also discuss with several their staff. Its not good result we got it

We go back to Gatoel Hospital and wish the historian man already coming. We just wait around 10 minutes and He come. Graham prepare data and photos and show to him. They discuss more deep and longer than we expected. From Yulia and Yuhan, we get some information and they giving hand for retrace ancestry. Yet, before we “sayonara”, we taking picture together.

Meanwhile, Marshell, Erin little bit “dying” because hungry. We find one restaurant with Indonesian & Chinese food. The taste so good.  Afterwards, we move to Trawas, take a rest after we have excellent day. Good day mike!!!

Just for your information, our homestay so nice and have good view either at night or in the morning. At night, there is like fireflies in one hill. Meanwhile, in the morning you will find field rice or several plantation on in one hill. In short way, we have good scenery and back to nature. Love it.




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