Retrace Elfrink History: Part VII on Gempol Krep and Sentenan Lor

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We go take a lunch. Peanut sauces with chicken grill, in other words, satay!!! Erin Love that. Before we separate with Indra, we visit one house. The memorable house on Sentenan Lor. Richard has eagle eyes. His also good memory. He pointed one of houses and said,” That house exactly!!! Just change the window.” Graham insist that’s not house. “No…… you must look first. Trust me!!!” counter Richard to Graham.

“Ok Marshel, please find u turn and go there.” Ask Graham. We find that house and just watch from outside the fences. We want respect to the owner. We compare between picture and the facts. “Look the window and look the stone on below house!” said David. That’s typically house of Ducth in eastjava. Richard also comment, “The side wall of window is same with the picture. Even though, the mirror has been change.” Marshell ask Graham to see the roof with ornament triangle. It’s perfect and matching!!! For more photos about Gempolkrep Sugar Mill click here.

Hm… we still have trivia. Based on picture, they have still tea time afternoon. The question is where the place they do that. Still mystery for us since we can’t entrance inside the house. We have prediction. The place for tea time is garden on backyard or side of house. In current reality, side of house probably change to be garage. For more photos about Sentanen Lor Sugar Mill click here.


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