Retrace Elfrink History: Part VIII on Kedawung Factory

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At 10 am, we go to Pasuruan, Kedawung Sugar Mill Factory and reach on 11.30. Little bit run out from schedule. We meet team from Kedawung. Their team company us and show creative mini garden. The garden create by each division and voila…. That’s awesome for educations.

We visit also train dok or we can say Loco of garage. Almost 10 loco or may be more in garage. Mostly diesel Locomotive. However, there are steam also. Only one steam train can rebuild and operate. The Loco no 14. We so happy to see the steam loco. It’s very rarely to find them.

Team Kedawung factory give us opportunity to enjoy “riding” diesel train. It is lovely to do that and we do taking around on sugarcane plantation. Graham having happy face. Also, happy face on Richard, David and Erin. We so happy. Like Graham said, “we are like kids on lollipop / toys shop”

Diesel Train splitting field rice…. We can see farmer give fertilizer to their field rice. Oh several kids say goodbye through their gesture.  Oh other side, Aditya sometimes running first than diesel train. Ah…he want take picture and also making video for us. It is unique experience. For more photos about Kedawung Sugar Mill click here.


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