Semeru, Heaven on Earth

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General Information

Semeru Mountain, lies at the southern end of a volcanic massif extending north to the Tengger caldera. One of the highest volcanoic mountain in Java island with 3676 meters above se level. Semeru is part of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park (TNBTS) with nearest city are Malang and Lumajang.

            The peak of Semeru called Mahameru, it means “The Great Mountain”. The name was derived by Hundi-Buddhist mythical mountain of Meru or Sumeru, legend said that the Semeru mountain was sent from India on 15th century BC and the real peak was fallen when in the journey and become small mountain called Penanggungan mountain.

Track and Destination

Semeru mountain tracking was quiet easy when it compared by all mountains in Java island, because it have flat-through long track. But the summit requires hard work and bravery. It only have 1 route open for travelers. You only could tracking from bottom of Semeru until peak of Semeru from Ranu Pane. You could take a rest at Ranu Kumbolo and Kalimati before take a summit attack. Ranu Kumbolo is a big lake located about 2400 Meters above sea level. A lake with fresh water where you could see a beautiful sunrise among hills in the east.

            If  you’re will going to Kalimati, you need to through a hill called Tanjakan Cinta and behind that you will find a grassland called Oro – Oro Ombo. After passing the grassland you will hike to the pine forest called Cemoro Kandang where you can take a rest a while before continue the tracking.

            In the end of the pine forest you will reach Jambangan. There were a beautiful flower and this flower only grow in high place, that is Edelweiss, you could find it flowering when the weather is rainy.  From there you could tracking for 30 minutes to Kamilati before you going to Mahameru at night. Start your summit attact at 12.00 am. It needs 4 – 5 hours climbing through steep dunes and easily degenerates. It was painstaking as a 60-degree climb on sandy terrain offers unstable footing, which is energy-sapping, as well as the constant fear of falling rocks from above. For more photos you can click in here.

            It dangerous when you’re not guided by the expert, we also provide the expert guide to guide you until in the highest peak in the Java island, we 100% guarantee safe until the peak of Mahameru. You only need to contact the contact person or visit the website for more information in below