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I come to Indonesia from Russia and i choose Surabaya, City of Heroes. For several week, i explore Surabaya. I hope, my experience can help everyone (especially russian) to know Surabaya. Let me to introduce the important thing, that is weather and climate in Surabaya.

Situated in the middle of the world, not far from equator, Surabaya has a fairly even climate year-round. Rather than four seasons, Indonesia has two – wet and dry – and there are no extremes of winter and summer. Usually wet season is between October and April, and dry season is between May and November. But due to climate changes in the whole world, the real situation could be different.

Speaking about temperature, it’s almost the same. The temperature is +28 degrees with difference between day and night about 3 degrees. In the dry seasons there are practically no rains, but in the wet season the number of downfall is more than 1000mm. so prepare your raincoat and go to Surabaya!


Going to city centre

In Russia city centre plays the crucial role in the image of the whole city. Probably here is the same situation because streets are cleaner than in other parts of the city, there are several roads for pedestrians, not so much warung (they are hidden from the people's eyes and only locals may know where they are situated).


Bullrace monument 

At the first sight it might seem that here is like in Europe: large malls, fast food and luxury hotels. But it is not true. Of course, European leap is really huge and not notice it is impossible. Architecture is not bright: modern and simple forms, minimalism with rather tall buildings. However, there are also traditional for Indonesia houses: one or two floors, white walls and no glass in the windows. Sometimes you can meet lost houses, dirty and ghetto.


Surabaya traffic jamp


Office building in Surabaya

Another thing that may shock you is the pictures on the wall. I don't know, whether they are forbidden or not, but they are so large and colorful, so they will undoubtedly attract your attention. By the way, colors of buildings are all bright, no grey or black buildings like in Russia. So luxury buildings in mixture with poor ones, smiling people and hundreds of motorbikes are living in harmony - that's how I see Surabaya's city centre.


Gravity on the wall



One of the most famous parks in Surabaya is Taman Bungkul. If you are looking for huge park, where you can avoid your everyday life and the noise of motorbikes and mobiles, feel free and mostly alone with your thoughts, Taman Bungkul is not for you.

The park is really very-very small, there are something like amphitheater, children's playground and territory for skateboarding. Actually, you can go through the whole park in 10 minutes. However, locals appreciate this place a lot; they can take up some sports there or just meet with friends in the evening. 




Play ground



One of the most interesting parts of local heritage is House of Sampoerna. It is the most famous cigarette factory. Sempurna in translation means "PERFECT". That's because of the desire of the head of company to become the king of cigarettes. In house you can learn the history of the company and learn how cigarettes are produced. Actually, the factory still works, you can see people working there (They work from Monday to Friday, from 6:00 an to 1:00 pm).

The house has it's own atmosphere and smells. It's because of the fact that the company uses cinnamon in the cigarettes, in Indonesian it calls kretek cigarette. If you are smoking, I'll recommend you to try these cigarettes because it's really worth it. 




The Senior lady wear traditional clotes and enjoy with her cigarette.


family property: classic car



Bambu Runcing is one of the famous Indonesian monuments. It was built in memorize of Surabaya People (arek-arek Suroboyo) spirit martially fight against colonist with patch up weapon although only with a slice bamboo which its back part is tapered.  This monument consisted of 5 pillars and its high concrete pillar not uniform; it is formed to look like sharp-pointed bamboo.


Bamboo Runcing Monument



Heroes Monument is one of the main symbols of the city. It is dedicated to memorize people who died in the battle in November 10, 1945. There is huge territory where monuments of the most famous people in Surabaya situated, for example, the monument of the first mayor of Surabaya. By the way, there is a museum and something like bed of honor.


 Tugu Pahlawan Monument



Have you ever seen Chinese mosque? If not, the visiting of mosque of admiral Cheng Hoo is compulsory for you.

Just imagine the native Chinese motives in connection with mosque. It’s hard to believe it, but it’s really so. Bright colors and prints, huge pictures and paintings, mostly made from wooden, all this stuff you can easily find here. If you’re a Muslim you can also join the worship. The sound from minaret is changed, so it looks like the sound in previous times. There are also lessons of Mandarin that situated nearby.


 Mosque of Admiral Cheng Hoo


 Replica of Cheng Hoo and the ship


 Ornament inside Mosque



The Submarine monument is one of the tourism objects that located in the heart of the city. It is situated at Pemuda street 39, in the bank of Kalimas river. It has the original shape of Pasopati 410 as one of submarine that belongs to the Submarine unit Eastern Fleet. This submarine was produced and constructed in the USSR in 1952. The Submarine was with Indonesian Navy since 29 January 1962 and carried out duties to destroy enemy line. 

Actually, the Submarine consists of 7 rooms: the first one - torpedo room, the second one - officer lounge room, the third one - central information combat and meal store, the fourth one - Petty officer room and kitchen, the fifth one - engine room, the sixth one - motor electric room and the seventh one - stern torpedo room. 
By the way, as Submarine situated in the middle of the Swarga Puspitaloka park, there are some other entertainment like video Rama, live music, cafés and restaurants and even swimming pool for children. So, you won't be bored there.


SUBMARINE In the center of Surabaya city


Place for Torpedo


The monument of Sura and Baya is one of the most famous monuments in Surabaya. It's situated near the Surabaya's zoo and consist of the 2 parts: shark and crocodile. Actually, it presents the name of the city: Sura in translation is "shark" and Baya - "crocodile". 

In a local myth these two creatures fought each other in order to gain the title of "the strongest and most powerful animal" in the area according to a Jayabaya prophecy. Alternate derivations proliferate: from the Javanese sura ing baya, meaning "bravely facing danger"; or from the use of surya to refer to the sun. 
In respect to the city, where Surabaya's people live, there are lots of visitors every day and you can't miss it too.