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Pecel or Pecal is firstly famous on Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. It became the most famous Javanese dishes in the Middle of Java, East Java and absolutely Yogyakarta. Pecel is firstly named by Ki Gede Pamanahan who met Sunan Kalijaga and gave him a plate of pecel or pecal which consist of various vegetables with peanut sauce on the top. Then Sunan Kalijaga asked what the name of the dishes and Ki Gede Pamanahan said ‘dipun pecel’ in Javanase Language. It has meaning as a boiled vegetables that has been squeezed. So, it is the short historical story about why it is called as Pecel or Pecal.

          Pecel is actually an Indonesian salad but what makes it look special is because it is different from other Western Salad. Pecel consist of boiled vegetables such as papaya leaves, spinach, water spinach, cassava leaves, yardlong beans, winged beans, sprouts and it can be different according to the places. Also there is spicy peanut sauce or sambal pecel that will be poured at the top of the vegetables, but don’t worry, if you don’t like spicy you can ask the seller for the original instead of the spicy. It is usually serves with fried tempe or tofu, and also rempeyek with peanut and slices of orange leaves on the top (Indonesian traditional cracker). To make it a perfect dish, you can also choose what side dish do you want, usually there are fried chicken and chicken innards. The topmost thing that you shouldn’t be forget, rice! Indonesian dishes without rice is never be a main course. We are the crazy carbs!

          If you have any plan to visit Malang, you will find a lot of Pecel here. Malang pecel has a slidely different things with other Pecel. Pecel Malang will taste spicier and the peanut sauce is a little bit has a texture. You can also visit Nasi Pecel Kawi at Kawi Atas Road no. 43b/46 or near to Idjen Boulevard. It is the most famous Pecel in Malang, you can afford around IDR 10.000-20.000 without the side dish! So, don’t put too much doubt, Leisure Time can offer you to taste a lot of Indonesian cuisine in Malang. Leisure Time can be your best accompany for your traveling journey!










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