The Blue Fire of Java Island - Kawah Ijen

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Have you ever seen a blue fire? Or does blue is your favorite color? Yeah it is very beautiful right. Now we have a blazing blue fire on the top of a mountain exclusively in Java Island.

Kawah Ijen is a huge acid lake or crater on the top of Mount Ijen. The lake with a depths of 200 meters and a widths of 5.466 hectares is claimed as the largest and the most acid lake in the world. It is because mount Ijen has a Sulphur mining as well as an active volcano. The mountain with 2.368 mdpl (mean sea level) is located in Indonesia, the east of Java Island, at the border of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. There are only two blue fire mountains in the world; Kawah Ijen and the one in Islandia. The Glowing blue fire is created from a chemical phenomenon. Made from the reaction of air, gasses, and Sulphur combustion that flash on the blue fire. Some of the gases condense into liquid Sulphur that will similarly look like a flowing lava. Not only the beauty of nature, but you also able to see the real traditional life of Sulphur mining operation. There, the local people strongly bring the Sulphur from the crater to the downtown. It is truly a unique experience that makes you humble and being grateful for your life.

How to reach Kawah Ijen? The first thing to remember is, this trip is not recommended for those who have existing breathing conditions (asthma, sensitive lung when breathing chemicals, etc.) because of the unpredictable temperature and the Sulphur gas. There are two ways to reach the mountain top; hiking or riding a gerobak. The trip starts from base camp at 2 am in the morning, then walk up to caldera rim for 4 kilometers. The track is rather easy straight and wide route with no rocks. The total walks roughly 1.5 hours. On the other hand, if you want to put less effort onto the trip, you can pay around 200.000 Rupiah for riding the gerobak. But of course the sensation will be different. After you reach the mountain top, you have to go to the sort of platform further down the crater for 1.5 kilometers. Afterward, you can enjoy the view of magical blue fire in the middle of the night and it will disappear at 5 am. If you miss the blue fire, do not worry, you can enjoy the view of beautiful sunrise that highlights the colors of the lake.

The good time to visit Kawah Ijen is in the dry season from May-October for avoiding the rainy track and unpredicted weather. Moreover, if you are lucky then you can find the remarkable sight of snowy mountain top. It happens when East Java reaches its coldest temperature around June-August.

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