The Eternal Waterfall, Madakaripura – The Hidden Heaven of East Java

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Hello Travelers! Do you like a mystery or magical story? Or do you like a place with a history behind? Then you have to go to Madakaripura waterfall.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious” –Albert Einstein

That is a very suitable quote for Madakaripura waterfall. The hidden waterfall with its mystical and magnificent enchantment.

If you have a trip to Bromo mount, you are able do directly go to Madakaripura waterfall because it is near. Or you can also visit only Madakripura waterfall to enjoy its beauty peacefully. Located in Indonesia, specifically at East Java, Probolinggo, Madakaripura is the tallest waterfall in Java Island with the height of 200 meters. The name of “Madakaripura” is taken from Java language, (Mada=Gajah Mada, Kari=Last, Pura=Rest/meditation) which means “The last meditation of Gajah Mada the greatest military Commander-in-Chief, of the great Javanese kingdom of Majapahit in East Java”. This historic value turns Madakaripura into exclusive waterfall that is highly praised and protected by the local people.

Why Madakaripura is special? The first, because its unique waterfall. When commonly you can see waterfall after hike through the forest, then the waterfall appears with one or two falls from the high cliff, but Madakaripura waterfall is surrounded by outstandingly high walls, the falls flow down like a water curtains cover the path from every side of cliff into a mystical natural chamber. It feels like you walk in a huge nature maze. At the end of the path, there is the main waterfall yet the most iconic one. It is a cave with a blue-water pool and a hole up side only for the waterfall and sky view. The echoing sounds of water splash from the cave wall makes spectacular satisfaction of peaceful and calm.

The second, its historical mystic story. Based on the local ancestor’s history, Madakaripura become the place where Gajah Mada meditated before he was gone physically and spiritually. Who is Gajah Mada? He is the most celebrated military commander in the history of the great Javanese Majapahit Kingdom who succeeded in unifying the entire Indonesian Archipelago then under the huge Majapahit Empire in 1293 to 1500AD. The local people believe that Gajah Mada magical power has spread over the waterfall and makes it eternal. They believe it is real since its waters never cease to pour down an endless water regardless of the rainy or dry season. Thus they believe the water are able to make you ageless or well-preserved. Interesting!

How to reach the waterfall? From the first gate to the entrance is 4 kilometers far away. If you do not bring your personal vehicle then you can go by ojek for Rp. 20.000. And before reach the entrance, you can see a statue of Majapahit‘s great Commander, Gajah Mada, in the seated position of deep meditation greets visitors before they continue further on foot. But do not worry, you only walk for about 15 minutes away to reach the waterfall yet the track is crossing rivers and a rocky path, set amongst beautiful sceneries along the way. Above all, you may note to not go in the rainy season because the track is slippery and the cliff might be landslide. The best way to visit the waterfall is at dry season around May-October.

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