The Paradise in Madura

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Atoriq Nurriza
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Indonesia is a country that has many tourist destinations. There are plenty of great places, especially Madura Island which is one of the attractive destinations of Indonesia and have been visited by the locals from Sabang to Merauke even foreign tourist.  Madura island offers many terrific tourist attractions for foreign tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery there.

First destination is Lombang beach. Lombang beach is very interesting. We can enjoy the sweet sand with calm wave. So if you go there with your family, you will be excited with cemara tree around the beach. You can fall asleep because it is quite windy over there. You can go there with car or motorcycle. It takes probably about1 hour if you started from Sumenep city. The ticket just 10 thousand rupiah’s and for the parking just 5 thousand rupiah’s. The famous sharp tree will make the scenery more beutifull. You can also enjoy the sunset over there. So you can take photo perfectly.  

Second destination is Gili Labak. Gili labak is the best small island in Madura. Gili Labak is famous with white sand. You can enjoy the interesting view with good panorama of sunset or sunrise.Gili labak provides snorkling and diving for tourist, if those two excellent activities are your hobbies you have to try it there.

Another fancy thing about Gili labak is the coral cultivation, it has been exist under the sea. The distance is about 20 kilometers but you must cross over with boat or small ship. You can rent for the fee is Rp 150.000 until Rp 200.000 thousand for a boat or small ship. It just the maximum capacity is only up to 6 people. After you get it the boat you will directly go to gili labak island for 4 hours in sea. After you arrived it’s very amazing view. There are a lot of small houses for resident. You can rent a small house too. The scenery is perfect when you try to surf it’s very beutiful under the sea.

I think still many tourist objects that we can explore in Madura island. There’s a lot a beautifull scenary. You can explore Madura island not only in beach but Madura is spacious to be explored. I hope after reading this article you will know that Indonesia has many paradise tourist attractions.