Tom Short on Cane Field - Part 4

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Day 4

In the cane field

This morning, we go to cane field. I think is useless go cane field. Well, let see…

We waiting the diesel loco with short track. We got it plus  20 empty wagons. We ride diesel loco, and cross the road, also cross the phenomenal bridge. Not only cane field, but also I see rice field, corn field.

In the middle trip, the empty wagons just put and leave in one field. I think we stop in here. However, the train still continue to run. Around 30 minutes, we stop in one cane field. Before forget, I take picture with japan diesel loco. Furthermore, we walk and see cane field in the right and field rice on left side.

For the first, I just see the person cutting the cane. We go to the cane field, just to see cutting the cane for all day? Im wrong, and im lucky since I teach agricultural science. Anton has very detailed knowledge of agricultural Indonesia and it was interesting for me. We discuss plantation rice, onion, cane, and also the myth in agricultural Indonesia.

Second, we walk closely to the person who cut the cane. Behind that field, we find blue diesel loco and several wagon fulfill cane and also empty wagon. The process moving cane from field goes to japan diesel loco is little bit unique. Since cane field in below than major railway, need blue diesel loco to pull wagon fulfill cane. The worker make a mini railway with slope. So we can see that process.

After that, we take snack on one restaurant. Some snack is influence by Dutch recipe or taste, such as kroket, pasteitje, risolles and so on. Oh…the coffee is good also. When finish, we go to other location with long journey. For more photos click here.



                  Photo of Tom Short at railway in Cane Field


                Photo of Operating of Old Loco at Cane Field


Photo of Tom Short and Marshell at Old Loco with Macinist at Old Loco


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