Tom Short on Museum Colomadu - Part 5

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Day 5

In Saturday as Fifth day, we are in Solo City. We go to visit Jaladara C1218 on Purwosari station. For your Information, Jaladara C1218 is steam Loco which not regularly train but can be rent and usually for tourist train. Moreover Jaladara C1218 have a short track and run on weekend.

Unfortunately, we can’t find Jaladara C1218. We come at weekend and tomorrow is big day for Moslem, Eid –al adha. It is looks s hard to see Jaladara C1218 show.

There is will, there is way. Marshell get information, although tomorrow is Eid – al adha, Jaladara will operate at afternoon. From Jaladara C1218, we go to Agrowisata Sondokoro. The location agrowisata Sondokoro is near with Pg Tasikmadu.

 In Agrowisata Sondokoro, we find several monument Loco and also spareparts from machine on Pg Tasikmadu. At that moment, the visitors just few people. Probably we come early morning than other visitors.

After we get around this theme park, I find Loco TM 3 with their carts. Still alive and operate. Im happy to find loco steam. Yet, the loco not moving and still repair.

I’m little bit worried since tomorrow is big day, is it steam loco will run or not. Marshell try to find information. The last information we get, there no steam loco run since the driver or machinist allocated to help on sugar factory. Owh… so bad

We go to the centrum and find De colomadu. De colomadu is museum sugar factory from old sugar factory which close – not operate again. When I come, I see several antique car in parking area. Love to see that. For more photos click here.


                  Photo Museum Colomadu 1

                Photo Museum Colomadu 2 


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