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Day 2

On my second day in Java we went to Purwodadie Sugar Mill. We arrived at 9 am and Marshell assisted me with the paperwork. The diesel loco was hard at work working the cane trucks being fully filled with canes.

After the paperwork was sorted, we walked to the outside yard of Purwodadi Sugar Mill. This is the transfer yard where the canes arrived on road trucks are being transferred onto rail cane trucks. Only one steam was being fired, and that was the loco no.10, an 0-8-0T O&K. Despite being an old lady, this old steamer was still able of hauling 8-12 fully loaded cane trucks. Albeit this loco is originally a wood burner, however, at times it consumed bagasse, a thin straw material extracted from crushed canes packed into cubes.

Loco 10 hauling cane trucks

It is still a great site seeing real steams at Purwodadi hard at work hauling canes from the road delivery yard on the outside to the cane storage yard on the inside of the mill premises. Still though, care must be taken when taking photos of the locos as the tracks crossed the main Madiun – Ngawi highway. Of course, the main view is the photogenic bridge located just outside the mill premises.

Loco 10


At the time of Tom’s visit, in the morning, Purwodadi was not as busy as it was predicted. So Marshell thought that it would be a good idea to have a quick visit to Soedhono Sugar Mill. Before Tom and Marshell moved to Soedhono, Marshell asked the workers the busiest time at Purwodadi. They told Marshell that the busiest time would be around 3 pm in the afternoon, which is when the mill receive the most canes delivered on road trucks. This also means that at this period, this would be the period that the steam loco would be the busiest

At Soedhono Sugar Mill, the 0-6-0T Jung loco is now painted in yellow livery with yellow stripe. Just as the previous years, it is parked in front of the shed, and it still is unmovable. Based on the previous reports, this is due to a leakage in the boiler pipe. The little Henschel diesel however has been modified into a steam look-a-like, and has been painted black. Otherwise there weren’t much movements at Soedhono. click here For all Picture Soedhono Sugar Mill


with Yellow Stripe

Tom with loco painted black


A quick photo stop at the preserved 0-4-2T O&K at Rejosari Sugar Mill gate and the freight wagon nearby the mill wouldn’t hurt. The freight wagon was used to transport sacks of sugar, but for this one, it has a particular history of its own. It was used to transport people inside the wagon during the fall of Soekarno’s regime, causing many lives to be lost, hence the reason for it being preserved, to remember the many lost souls due to political actions. click here for pictures Rejosari Sugar Mill

Rejosari Loco



Take a coffee

Once Tom and Marshell were finished at Rejosari, they headed back to Purwodadi, right bang at 3 o’clock, just when the mill received the most cane. No.10 O&K 0-8-0T steam was once again hard at work hauling canes from the delivery yard on the outside of the mill premises into the storage yard on the inside of the mill premises. Tom and Marshell stayed until after sunset to witness a roman candle display being put out by the no.10 O&K steam. Click here For picture Purwodadie Sugar Mill






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