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Three of us set off at 7 AM in the morning from Malang to Coban Manten. The journey to Coban Manten is quiet hard because we have to trek in some point beside it’s easiness to get the vehicle.


Recharge energy before start trekking


At 7.45 AM we arrived in the second post. We already prepared for it well, although there’s still some shortages. We started trekking at 8 AM to Coban Manten with Dwi, A guide from Leisure Time. We need him to guide us to go through the branching paths that have no signs along the way.


the road


When in dry season, there will be a lot of dust while in the wet season there will be much adventure we could get. That’s what our guide said to us. We went there in wet season so that we got thadventure by walking through the wet and muddy path because of the rain. The existing path was destroyed by motorcycle which passed the way quite often. The local people carry their crops using motorcycle through the way where we have to go through it too. It’s so adventuring!


harvest time


fresh and sweet


everyone like rabbit, eating carrot


Luckily the wet and muddy way wasn’t too long so that we could continue trekking to Coban Manten. We stopped for a while to take a rest, recharging our energy. At that time, we saw beautiful mountains in a line. We could see Panderman and Kawi chains clearly. What beautiful scenery!


Kawi mountain


We also met with the group of leadership training around 30-50 people. We continued our journey and stopped for a moment in plantation area. At that time, we saw farmers were harvesting carrots. Our guide suggested us to eat raw carrot after it cleaned. It’s fresh and sweet.


the group of leadership training


We passed through pine forest. In this area the sun wasn’t too hot. The pine is very high and shaded. The breeze was blowing so gentle and cool. What a good time!

The next area we passed was a rat street with 3 hills. It simply made us sweat, but fun at the same time. If you have good stamina, it’s highly recommended to visit all the hills. But if you’re not, you can visit one by one and take some breath. After walking along the path, we still had to be aware of our head. There’re many branches we should be aware of.

The next session was an exciting and challenging session. We have to pass three small rivers. The river is not too deep, but the streams are quite strong and cold. We made a mistake by using a flip-flop not a hiking sandal so that we had to withstand the cold water.


The water is cold brrrrr


accros the river


Survival on river


After the adventuring journey we passed through, finally we arrived in Coban Manten. The waterfall we saw at the first time was the bride side. We were amazed by God’s creation. It’s really beautiful. We stepped deeper and found another challenge we would had.


climb a cliff high roots


We had to climb a cliff 3-5 meter high with roots. Eventually, we saw Coban Manten from all sides. We saw the groom side from the cliff we climbed. We said nothing excepted whooaa~


COBAN MANTEN finally i got it


We tried to get closer to the waterfalls yet we’re afraid to be under the waterfall. Our guide already gave us warn that it’s too danger for us below the waterfall. We passed some small hills to go to the groom side. This side is beautiful too. Surprisingly, my friend Retha shouted because of her flip-flop broke.


on bride side


After taking many pictures of Coban Manten, we moved to another place named Coban Tengah. We ate our lunch first before continuing the journey. It’s really fun and relaxing. We felt more fresh and vibrant.


someone call our friends near coban Manten.


Our energy has backed and it’s time to continue the journey to Coban Tengah. We were surprised because we had to pass six small rivers, again! If we count how many rivers we have passed, it’s already 18 rivers crossed! Somehow, Marshel’s flip-flop was broken too.


our effort go to coban manten until...


Marshel sandals broken


Retha Sandals is broken too


When we arrived in Coban Tengah, the waterfall is quite calm and low. Our guide told us that we could swim below the waterfall, just in the area that is allowed. We just played with the water. It’s very cold water, colder than Coban Manten.




standing on little rocks


very cold


kung fu style


Our guide gave us options whether we wanted to back home or continued to the next place, Coban Rondo. We chose the second option. We went to Coban Rondo and passed the steep streets unexpectedly. We had to be more careful on this way. Luckily, Dwi helped us much to get through the way safely.

We finally arrived in Coban Rondo. We’re very tired. We cleaned ourselves and took a rest for a while. After that, we went to a food stall and ordered rabbit satay (sate kelinci). We’re so hungry. It’s really a pleasant and an adventuring holiday we had. We could enjoy the nature we didn’t realize we had it already.



some photos courtesy of Roza Permata & Leisuretimetour property.