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Im a doctor at one city in East Java. Beginning 2015, my best friend - he is also a doctor - come from abroad to meet and greet with his friends, including me. Surabaya City has a traffic jam and the weather so hot and it is make me cant travel city tour Surabaya. Morever, to be a better for my energy to release with my friend than driving a car. also, i must manage very well for my healthy. very lucky me have reccommendation with Leisuretime and they are very helpful for small reunion and nostalgia

We meet in one hotel in centru and have a breakfast together with them. We are so exiting met and have good conversation among us. update from they are such as situation in their country or their family, jobs and many more.    

After have a good breakfast, we went to lovely campus NED-INDISCHE ARTSENSCHOOL or  wellknown as UNAIR-University Airlangga. we try to take rally campus to see several building which is monumental and historic for us. Some of part has big change but we remember for several room for test / exam, class or other function.

untill we stop in one place, may be such as hall of fame for medical alumni like us. alot name of alumni displayed and we have trouble to find our name. fortunately separate with year of graduation and this is make us easy to find our name. 


alot name of alumni


searching together


thats my name


my name also on hall of fame


With my best friend


From unair we go to Pantai Ria Kenjeran, we visit one temple and take a picture. should be, we can see Suramadu bridge, but so sad can see clearly. there one story, when we are in temple, my friend get call from someone and have good communication. at the end, i ask my friend who is that? my friend told me, i dont know. 

the next destination is Suramadu. we realize if we stop in Suramadu, police will catch me. so we decided just pass the bridge and go to Bebek SInjay. One favorite food from East Java.

after Suramadu Bridge, we continoue to House of Sampoerna. there is alot history that we saw in here. we know timeline from one small cigarette company to be big. very interesting.


wife of my friend observe couple of founder sampoerna

Time running fast and day was afternoon. yet before say goodbye, we take dinner in one restaurant and my friend very like it. we choose the right restaurant. Continue to my home and meet with my wife and daughter. around 1-2 hours we must say goodbye since they continue their trip to other place. Adios Amigos.