Chartered Steams for Small Group Travellers

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The Chartered Steams

Travelling in a small group and you wish to see more of Java’s steam actions? Then steam charter is the answer! With the demise of many regular steams, thankfully, a few of Java Sugar Mills are still willing to run charters, with 2 mills still offer to run steams to field lines. If you are travelling in a small group of minimum 5 people (including yourself), then we can assist you with charter arrangements, in addition to adding the regular steams at Purwodadi, Pagottan and Tasikmadu. 



The golden child of PT Perkebunan Nusantara XI (shortened as PTPN XI, or The (Indonesian) National Plantation State Enterprise), they have turned one of their ancient mills into a living museum. Step back in time as you witness the steam powered crushing machines as well as a chartered steam loco that goes out onto field lines to pick up canes and delivering them back to the mill just prior to sunset.

 olean sugar mill

Photo:our private documentations






Photo:our private documentations


Besides from being able to witness two fireless locos built by Orrenstein & Koppel shuffling in the yard, the mill also has two steamable locomotives. Normally they run a 1960’s 0-6-0T Jung locomotive, but if the luck is on your side, they may be able to fire up an 0-4-4-0T O&K mallet, arguably the last mallet in East and South East Asia!, in which both could run out into the field lines.





Photo:our private documentations


Even though this mill regularly runs diesels, however, this mill is more known for their jackshaft geared steam locomotive. It is possibly one of only a few in the world, and it might even be the only one in Asia! It is a steam locomotive that looks and works like a rack loco, only in runs on adhesive rails. Even though it could only work the yard delivery, however, the best news is, it can still be fired up on request!





Photo:our private documentations


Located at the far end of Central Java’s North Coast, besides from still maintaining their ancient steam machineries, they are still willing to fire up a rare 0-6-2T Jung steam locomotive. It does a job of taking the canes from the delivery yard from across the mill all the way to the gantry. Don’t worry about photo opportunities as there are plenty, as well as a regular Belgian Moes diesel that assists the cane delivery in addition to the steam charter.


Prices for Java’s Last Steamy Sugar Mill Tour


A Weekend in Situbondo/Jember

Tour Duration : 4 Days 3 Nights, including arrival and departure from airport. The tour covers a steam charter either at Semboro OR Olean Sugar Mill, AND an additional diesel day at either Jatiroto Sugar Mill (for Jember visit) OR Wringinanom or Asembagus Sugar Mill (for Situbondo visit).


  • 2 People : Rp 7,300,000,-
    • Deposit per person : Rp 4,100,000,-
  • 5 People : Rp 4,300,000,-
    • Deposit per person : Rp 2,200,000,-


A Steamy Weekend in East of Java

Tour Duration : 4 Days 3 Nights, including arrival and departure from airport. The tour covers 2 steam charters, each with field line workings, at both Olean AND Kedawung Sugar Mills. Another advantage of this tour is that it can be done outside the cane cutting season. If you would like to do so, please let us know.


  • 2 People : Rp 10,000,000,-
    • Deposit per person : Rp 7,100,000,-
  • 5 People : Rp 5,400,000,-
    • Deposit per person : Rp 3,300,000,-



The Steamy Madiun Weekend

Tour Duration : 4 Days 3 Nights, including arrival and departure from airport. The tour covers visits to Java’s last steamiest places, including regular steams at Purwodadi and Pagottan Sugar Mills, regular tourist steams at Tasikmadu Sugar Mill, and a chartered jackshaft steam loco at Rejosari Sugar Mill


  • 2 People : Rp 8,000,000,-
    • Deposit per person : Rp 5,100,000,-
  • 5 People : Rp 5,000,000,-
    • Deposit per person : Rp 2,800,000,-



The Steamy East Java

Tour Duration : 6 Days 5 Nights, including arrival and departure from airport. The tour covers both Olean AND Semboro steam charters, PLUS regular real steams at Purwodadi and Pagottan Sugar Mills. The tour also offer an additional steam charter at Rejosari Sugar Mill, Madiun, East Java.

Price PER PERSON for MINIMUM of 5 People

  • W/O Rejosari Steam Charter : Rp 8,700,000,-
    • Deposit per person : Rp 5,000,000,-
  • With Rejosari Steam Charter : Rp 10,000,000,-
    • Deposit per person : Rp 6,000,000,-



If you would like to have your own custom made narrow gauge railway tour that is not listed in our package (including a mixture of steams and diesels), do let us know by May 2018.

ALL of our rates include :

  • Steam charter fees, arrangement fees and entry permits.
  • ALL transports from and to airport, and throughout the tour.
  • ALL accommodations. Note that one room can accommodate 2 people. If you have special needs, do let us know beforehand.
  • Meals for each participants where each participants will get twice meals per day with a value of up to Rp 30,000,- (just under 4 US$) per person per meal. Any meals above the stated price will be at your own cost.Breakfast will be served at the hotel.
  • Fees for English and Indonesian spoken guide who has at least 5 years of experience of visiting Java Sugar Mills.


Our rates DO NOT include :

  • International and/or domestic flights to and from Surabaya. However, we can offer you assistance in booking international flights with additional costs.
  • Fees for souvenirs.
  • Tips for the transport and/or locomotive drivers (please prepare a total of Rp 100.000,- in hand for each venue for all participants).


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