Tom Short on Jaladara C1218 - Part 6 (End)

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Day 6

At sixth day, marshell tell me, “lets go to Sondokoro again. This is Sunday, as I know steam loco will run on Sunday and holiday. Either the steam loco run or not, at least we already try again to see steam loco.” Agree with that opinion, we go to Sondokoro. For more photos at Agrowisata Sondokoro click here.

On Sondokoro, we find Loco TM3 has been on position waiting visitors to invite TM3 trips. The trips is not only in Sondokoro, but also entrance Pg Tasikmadu.  1- 2 hours we waiting visitors which join TM3 trips. Finally we get it and join with TM3 Trips. For more photos at Tasikmadu Sugar Mill click here.

Finish with TM 3 trips, we say goodbye with TM 3. We must catch up time for Jaladara C1218. We almost missing the Jaladara, but we got it and follow the short trips. For me, Jaladara C1218 is unique steam loco. In the world, there are only few like a Jaladara C1218. For more photos at Jaladara click here.  

Finish with Jaladara C1218, we go back to Surabaya.



         Photo of Tom Short at Agrowisata Sondokoro


 Photo of Tom Short and Marshell at Tasikmadu Sugar Mill


   Photo of Tom Short on Old Loco at Jaladara Sugar Mill


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